Dewouter Inteview (part 3)

Wrooks: What in your opinion are some of the best suggestions on the forums excluding your own and mine from that list?


Dewouter: For anyone checking the place out it’s obvious that anything summer-penguin makes is very good. That’s why we have been creating a lot of his heroes. I think the heroes suggested are pretty variable but there are a lot of gems hidden.


Wrooks: Can you describe your favorite suggestion by summer?


Dewouter: It has to be Ratsumaru, the hero I first created for someone else. It’s a button masher with a lot of interaction and variable choices. When I look at it today I’m still amazed how I got it done, and I have improved over time.


Wrooks:  What do you mean you created the hero for someone else? Are you summer-penguin?


Dewouter: Not that I know. I mean I created a hero to try some things out, I called him Zidane and he had simple abilities like a headbutt. Ratsumaru was the first hero which idea wasn’t mine, or better said the first actual hero that had enough depth to be in dota.


Wrooks: What are some of your philosophies?


Dewouter: What do you mean by that?


Wrooks: Like, a saying I like to visualize for my ideal self is: I can put 15 minutes a day into my hobbies drawing, writing, reading, etc. I think Voids was he likes to do things himself and not rely on others.


Dewouter: 15 minutes seems short for that :p. I guess I’m trying to be nice to people so other people copy that example. I realise I don’t always live up to that standard.


Wrooks:  I think i have two from that. You think people should be nice to others, and the second is people should be the example that they want others to abide by.


Dewouter: Yep


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