Dewouter (Part 4)

Wrooks: Let’s take a break from dota suggestions. What other type of media are you interested in (Movies, books, tv shows, or animes, or comics)?

Dewouter: I’m not really into movies, don’t dislike them either but I am a big fan of tv-series. I liked the brilliant ethics combined into action from person of interest while I enjoy the drama from suits. Most action series will attract me, as long as it’s not too sci-fi or fantasy.

Same goes for books actually, I like reading realistic books, like John Grisham, David Baldacci, Brad Thor or Tom Clancy. I don’t like anime, and I don’t read any comics.

Wrooks: Have you heard of Vince Flynn, for some reason i think of it as vance but its vince.

Dewouter: Besides you mentioning him to me before I guess, no.

Wrooks: Some people find inspiration from music do you?

Dewouter: I like listening to music, but inspiration, no. I can barely play the triangle.

Wrooks: What are you interested in besides Dota and its world?

Dewouter: Hmm, I have always been interested in numbers but I wouldn’t call maths a hobby. Sometimes I want to achieve something with it, like creating a system where I try to beat the bookies. Sadly the profit is very small so I didn’t really feel like going on with it. I’m not much of a gamble either.

I did create a elo system for all the pro players like that stats guy, nahaz is his name, has. I made mine in excel and it was kind of intransparent because I couldn’t save all the player history since excel only allows 255 tabs… It got me some items, but the shifting ratios for item bettings made me stop.

I also like traffic, especially controlling the flow. If I had a working traffic simulation package where I could program system controls I wouldn’t leave the house I guess.

Wrooks: Taking breaks are good but getting back on track is a good thing, have you ever thought of doing statistics for the suggestions community?

Dewouter: No, because I don’t think it’s useful. Suggestions shouldn’t be made because people like something, suggestions should just be good. Most of the suggestors also wouldn’t care about it I guess. To say it blunt, they aren’t interested in statistics, but more in lore and icons.

Wrooks:  I think if suggestions were based off of statistics (not what people like but their drives for doing things) I think we could have icefrog’s attention.

Dewouter: Suggestions are like art, nobody needs them, some people like them. There aren’t writers, painters or musicians asking around what kind of art they should be making.

Wrooks: No but, some of them have a chance to get implemented and I feel with statistics the community could have a bigger chance of getting something implemented.

Dewouter: I don’t think IceFrog would check things out all of a sudden because we start using statistics, besides statistics are very hard to read and chances are people will draw wrong conclusions making things worse.

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