Dewouter interview (Part 5)

Wrooks:  what i mean is what this guy is doing

but hes doing it for psychology and dota instead of suggestions and dota

Dewouter: It’s terrible, he should be ashamed of himself.

Wrooks:   ←—— confused right now. Why do you say he should be ashamed of himself?

Dewouter: He is making up facts, pulling numbers out of his ass and it’s full of stereotypes. It offers no information at all.

Wrooks: O i hadn’t realized he was making up facts.

Dewouter: His numbers on blaming his team can’t be results from research and when those numbers are this round it raises a big flag. I think he wanted to be funny but he didn’t amuse me, but I get that some people recognise some his points and like it because of it.

Wrooks:  If you could get anything implemented what would you want implemented the most?

Dewouter: New mechanics, like messing with cast times or even an item that decreases debuff durations.

Wrooks: What are some general parts of a concept or idea you consider no no’s or redflags?

Dewouter: I’m pretty sure anything goes, but some mechanics need to be weak. But whatever it is, the community will cry about it. Especially when the mechanic is already in another game.

Wrooks: Talking about changes, what hero model would you change in dota 2?

Dewouter: I don’t mind the current models, I think it’s ok. I don’t really care about them.

Wrooks: If you could change a theme of a hero, whos would you change? For example, I dream of changing nature’s prophet into an undead theme.

Dewouter: It doesn’t mean much to me. I would be ok with no visuals at all, except that makes the game unplayable because you get no visual feedback.

Wrooks: If you were speaking to a new suggestion member what advice would you give to them?

Dewouter: Be liked, Cialdini’s crap is pretty popular these days. Review other heroes and ask them to review back, if you do that you will blend in just fine and you will enjoy your stay if you don’t bother to give anything you should question if you want to be part of a community.

Wrooks: How would you like to see the community (suggestions community) to grow in five to fifteen years?

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