Dewouter (Final Part)

Wrooks: How would you like to see the community (suggestions community) to grow in five to fifteen years?

Dewouter: It should grow, and I think it could be a little less lore fixated and more about actual skills but other than that it’s fine as it is.

Wrooks: When you say lore fixated and skills fixated what do you mean?

Dewouter: It’s personal for me, I don’t care about lores but a lot of people are getting great joy from reading or creating a background story so they should do so. You asked me what I wanted and I think the suggestions should be about what they do. Now that I think about it I want the community to understand mechanics better.. While creating heroes I’ve noticed a lot of missing information.

Wrooks: What sort of information do you wish was there and what information do you wish was exempt?

Dewouter: When an ability applies 2 modifiers with different durations, or 1 modifier with a spell that also takes some time there is mentioned 1 duration for example. Stuff you wouldn’t notice unless you actually create a hero in the engine, so I can’t blame anyone but it happens.

Wrooks: Before we get to the last few questions, what are you hoping to see in TI6.

Dewouter: I hope Puppey finds a better team around him. He is my favourite player and the current shape of the team is just sad. All 5 of them are underperforming and I don’t think they will get out of this bad form without changing things. Besides that I hope to see some surprising meta changes that proves everyone wrong who mindlessly spammed the same heroes in their games and tilting when someone does something else. I know it will happen again.

Wrooks:  What’s tilting?

Dewouter: Getting mad, sometimes even making your team lose because you want that player to lose. It’s incredibly stupid but it happens.

Wrooks:  We haven’t covered this yet, but what are your general ideas on Hots, smite, Hon and Lol?

Dewouter: I think I haven’t played HoN, played about 2 games of LoL and didn’t wanna learn all that stuff especially since everyone was so negative about it. Smite and Hots also didn’t make the list because I’m fine with dota.

Wrooks: Other game companies take ideas from other games and apply it to their own do you think thats a good idea for dota developers?

Dewouter: Yes, that’s why I’m terrible at suggestions and others are great. It’s better to steal something good than to invent something bad right?

Wrooks:  I agree that we should take from other games but for a whole different reason, I think if it’s good for the game you should use it. But as for inventing something bad, couriers wouldn’t be around if dota didn’t invent themself; lina and phantom lancer wouldn’t be around if they didn’t take from other media.

Dewouter: Inventing is good, but inventing bad stuff isn’t especially not when you have the choice to copy something good.

Wrooks:  I think its the mind of a artist vs the mind of a programmer. I have the mind of an artist so i see every bad invention as growth and you have to steal a certain way or it can cost you money and time. You’re a programmer where stealing can save time and money.

Dewouter: I’m not a programmer, it’s a hobby for me. I’m talking about ideas, not actual products. But the comparison makes sense since I tend to look at the product and no so much at the process.

Wrooks: Well its been alot of questions, lets end with a thank you for letting me interview you.

Dewouter: I hope you can make something out of this, and I hope if anything finds it interesting to read about me.

Wrooks: lol.

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