Dota 2 Replay Takeover (Gameplay) - YouTube

I love the pregame adjustments made by valve. It allows for better gameplay and team evaluation of what should be done during a match. Similary, I would love for ice and valve to bring the addition of group replays to the table. Meaning replays that can be viewed by a group of people in a party or possibly even the same way live games have spectators.

Replay Pending Bug! still pending over 14 hours after game... - Imgur
The upside to this is that it will be beneficial to teams that don’t live near each other. It will also be applicable for players and their paid coaching. It will halt the usage of Skype usage to explain map adjustments.

Reddit Dota 2 on Twitter: "Noticed @Fly_dota2's effigy in the replay #dota2… "
I mean imagine it. A player can join other players in watching a replay. Other replay adjustments would be the ability to draw circles and lines on the field in different colors(mainly for team and coach usage) It could make the game more easily evaluatable. Replays as of now are only accessible by a single player. This is all good and dandy but the idea of replays is to evaluate the players gameplay. Sometimes this is hard so you need a set of fresh eyes to skim over the details of the game. The idea is that with some

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