Why winning doesn’t matter

Why are plays important? Plays are important because they enable you to see the game in a way you’ve never seen before. When you focus on plays and the small wins you don’t get frustrated by a loss, you expect it.
If you look forward to what happens during a match and not wins than you have more fun whether you win or lose. Wins and losses don’t matter, what matters is if that weaver caught you when you were down not if the weaver won.
What is exciting is the match itself? Who won and what happened during it matters. People need to retrain their focus. They’re focusing on the wrong thing. Winning is not the end and all goal of a match. I mean yes it helps to win but if you focus on that you’ll just be angry and unhappy when you lose.
If you focus on plays or the game itself than the game becomes more fun to play.
sorry for such a short post

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