Frostivus Contest

You can't kill the Spirit of Frostivus, sorry (yeah, it's a bug) : DotA2

I am excited to see what comes of the new frostivus contest. I would like to see a hero contest for the frostivus contest but don’t see that happening. From my understanding a contest is being held this winter for the creation of custom games. Custom games are great and all but we have a lot already. I really don’t want to see anymore added to the repertoire. It is what it is though so I guess I have to see what comes of this contest. But it’s an exciting contest. It shows valve cares about their playerbase which is always good.

Frostivus Arrives | Dota 2

Valve gets a lot of hate from what the artists posted for what they went through within recent years, which can be found on reddit. The thing is Valve isn’t perfect. Just like everything else in life. I look forward to this contest because if any custom heroes are made they can possibly make it into the main engine. Which is always exciting. I wish i could participate to be honest but I don’t have a computer right now.

So I hope this contest is a success and gets alot of people interested in other aspects of the game, such as its creation side of things and what that promises to bring. There isn’t alot weighing on this contest but it’s an exciting contest no less.

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