Sonipath Dream and story

Just then Fredrick walked in behind Tony

“You need to stop doing that?”

“Doing what?”

“He does that because he’s a Sonipath and doesn’t know it” Fredrick dug up his nose and placed it on Tony.

“I always thought he was crazy or trying to be a telepath without the formal training?” He wiped the booger off of him with kleenex

“Telepathy isn’t real what are you two talking about and whats a Sonipath” said Alex

“a Ventriloquists it’s what scientists call Sonipathy,” said Tony “Actors call it Ventriloquism”

“Wait…you mean that they aren’t actually speaking?”

“Hell no….they have their friends speak for them,”

“Scientists developed Sonipathy and telepathy,”

“Yea it requires different math than telepathy”

“You mean,”

“It’s really high level stuff you won’t understand it,”

“try me” said Alex “Just kidding,”

“The thing is they were developed by two different people so the math is different,”

Alex looked at Steve “So you don’t know you’re a sonipath?”

“He does know he’s faking?” said Tony

“Actually…I had no idea,” He looked at his hands “I just know I heard voices since a year ago,”

“So you’re crazy like I said,”

“No he’s a Sonipath,” said Fredrick.

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