Living Towers review

I honestly never thought of adding this to dota 2 but it is probably the best idea inspired by Dota 1, and the living towers design looks elegant. It is a powerful change. It is aesthetically pleasing to look at, and it looks beautiful. The rocks being thrown look magical and the tower itself looks magical. The fact that it looks like tiny could be changed, but It looks pleasing to the eye. You can tell they took their time with this addition.

I just wish it was added to the normal game. Being a bonus from the compendium sells, it takes a while to achieve. Most people don’t have all that time to put into the game to obtain that reward. It is easier on the community if a change like that was public and not a hat. Not everything needs to be a hat.

I’d rather the Dota 2 vanilla towers be hats. They are outdated, and probably, only requested by a small fraction of the community. Most people really don’t care to be honest but for us that do I am sure most people want the living towers over the ones that stand still and shoots fire.

The vanilla towers remind me of lord of the rings to be honest. As if they are copying off of that story. The only addition they need are owls surrounding the radiant tower.  From the beam that shoots out to the way the dire version is black with lava. It reminds you of that story.

The new dire tower is dark with red but it doesn’t resemble Sauron’s tower of doom. It just eludes to it with the colors chosen. Also, the new towers tell more of a story. Not sure what that story is but they tell more of a story by their creation and implementation.

If this was added to the regular game it would lead to the acceptance of that the game changes. I am not sure people really accept that right now. But this is a change that doesn’t affect gameplay and is elegant to look at.

It makes you excited to buy the compendium but it’s just a hat change. It needs to be a permanent change.  Compendiums do get interesting every year though. Last year’s mutation mode was the reason I bought it last year this year it might be the addition of living towers. I just have to find some way to achieve that. Going from level zero to three hundred is no laughing matter.

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