Sinister Gaze or Sacrifice

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Which is better Sacrifice or Sinister Gaze. This is the question in which I want to answer. Both abilities have their bonuses and setbacks. An ability cannot do everything. If it did, the ability would be overpowered.

  Sacrifice is an ability that gives experience and mana for the simple response of denying a creep. When you deny a creep you deny the enemy gold and experience.  So Sacrifice has three benefits and has an uptime of every twenty seconds. The only downside to this ability is it is useless during big clashes. But is a great boon during the laning stage of the game.

Dota 2 Lich Sinister Gaze & Frost Shield New Abilities 7.20 (Update Patch)  - YouTube

Sacrifice remains a broken ability. It is broken because it is one dimensional and only has the ability to deny enemies. It is semi overpowered also because it does so much with no real drawback except encompassing one dimensional gameplay/

Meanwhile we have Sinister Gaze. Sinister Gaze hypnotizes an enemy causing them to walk towards Lich. Not too well during the laning stage but great in every other stage of the game. You can setup ganks, setup clashes, and setup skirmishes. Another boon to this ability is when you get Skadi. You can draw them towards you and make it easier to attack the enemy. All this cost is a measly one hundred twenty mana.

Lich Dominance - DOTABUFF - Dota 2 Stats

It makes it also easier to setup his Frost Blast so for three hundred mana you can secure some initial harassment during the laning phase and setup for a kill at all other stages. Just hypnotize an enemy and follow up with Frost Blast and you have a totally setup for a good attack. Sacrifice is crucial in pubs but during pro games it really doesn’t help because of the nature of the game. The game is focused around big clashes, right now. So when you have an ability that doesn’t help with clashes it makes your viability worse.

Another trick you can do that wasn’t possible before is that you can Frost Shield yourself or an ally. Hypnotize an enemy into the walking distance of the Frost Shield and just walk alongside them as they are slowed and enemies attack them. It makes chasing more interesting. This wasn’t possible with the ice armor and sacrifice pairing.

Before Lich was a support hero with random abilities. A denying ability. A nuke. A shield. And a chain ability. I am curious to see what else Icefrog has instore for Lich in the future. Ice Armor was changed to Ice Shield. Sacrifice was changed to Sinister Gaze. But Chain Frost and Frost Blast has gone unchanged, except a minor Aghnims change to Chain Frost..

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