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I play dota and realize there is no battle support for ranged heroes or supports. A battle support is a hero position that provides additional support for players. There are five support positions total. The nuker, the hard support, the battle support, utility and the pusher.

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A nuker is a hero that has a lot of offensive spells. Heroes that fit this type are heroes such as queen of pain and necrolyte. They are purely offensive and contain mediocre pushing abilities, but they can be pushers also. They excel in clashes but provide magical damage to a fight. Usually they have to withdraw from a fight when their abilities go on cooldown.

Zeus fan art by a Korean artist : DotA2

Then there are hard supports. Heroes such as omni knight, pugna or witchdoctor. Who contain some sort of heal or some sort of protection against magical or physical attacks. Omni knight just happens to have both types. His repel protects against spells. His guardian angel protects against physical attacks and his heal is stereotypical of a support.

Dota 2 Would Kindly Like You To Play More Hard Support
Luna Hard Support, well done Lord Gabe. : DotA2

Then we have utility. Utility heroes effect the position of enemies such as disruptor. Also, they effect the status of an enemy such as vengeful spirit’s Wave of terror. Which also provides information about an enemy’s location. Lastly, most utility heroes have some sort of stun or other disable. In Dark willow case she has around 3 or 4 stuns.

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Pushers are also a type of support. They don’t really fit the semi carry role because they are squishy but they can carry or even lock in a win. Pushers fall into three categories. Warlock who stands alone. Pushes with his ability to make enemies feel each other’s pain. But he Is also the second category because he summons units to fight for him. The third time is like winter wyvern or death prophet with some sort of wave clearing ability that can be spammed.

Top 15] Dota 2 Best Pusher Heroes (2020 Edition) | GAMERS DECIDE

Finally we come to battle support. We have a total of five heroes that fit this role currently and I think of more ideas to fit this role. We have vengeful who gives damage to allies and information via wave of terror. We have wisp who re-positions allies. We have magnus who gives cleave to allied melee heroes. Coming in forth is bounty hunter. This hero is remarkable because he not only provides additional gold, he also provides information about enemies. To finish, there is ogre magi. Ogre magi speeds up allied attacks. 

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Who I don’t know who to categorize is Dazzle. Dazzle has an ability—shallow grave—that keeps allies alive. This could be categorized as a battle support ability or a hard ability. What keeps it from being hard is that it doesn’t heal in any kind of way. Although, it does protect against death but that could be said about any of the dota abilities—even carry abilities.

dota2 Omniknight by biggreenpepper on DeviantArt

These are not the only types of battle supports there are. But lets define it before we go further.  A battle support is any hero that boosts the offensive capabilities of an ally without using disables or positioning. This includes information, boosting abilities, or boosting damage in some way be either physical or magical.

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There are two types of battle supports that I want added to the game. One is boosting ranged hero attacks. This can be done by a spotter type hero. Probably a strength hero he keeps Drow and sniper from dieing. Think disruptor. Disruptor has the potential to be a spotter type hero because he can keep sniper and drow from being initiated onto. What he fails at is boosting their damage and attack range. Disruptor is close though.

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Next we have a battle support that boosts heals. There are many ways to boost heals. One way. Just boost the heal when a ally is healed. Make the amount healed stronger. Icefrog dabbling with this idea can be seen with holylocket. Another idea for boosting heals is to heal an ally when other allies are healed.

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