Neichus (Part 2 a developers story)

How Neichus Quit

“After being project head for a while I got things rolling again, but it was wearing on me. I don’t have a particularly thick skin, and anybody involved with game design knows this is a bad thing. Gamers are vicious in their assessments, and since I felt it was my duty to keep in touch with things on the forums I got pretty worn down (to somebody who was asking before: the reason I have a late join date is because the website has since moved from its old location where I was originally involved). I also was not clear on certain things. For instance, I’ve since come to appreciate that you have to choose a balance point: you can balance a game for newcomers, or intermediates, or advanced players but you can’t really do so for everybody at once.

This led to a lot of consternation as professional players would gripe about some things while the forums were full of vitriol about others. After a bit I was pretty miserable, as it had become an onerous job on top of my school work load. I told IceFrog I needed a bit of a break and left the project with him. And then I just sort of never came back.”

Neichus is like a fountain of ideas. His work massively influenced DOTA as you know it today. Even though he is not the one to seek attention (tried to keep his name off the game, no items named after him, etc.), we should not forget his work.

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