Drow Analysis since 7.23

Mana Drain by Stepan Alekseev : ImaginaryWizards

Imagine an aoe ability that replenishes mana to surrounding allies and drains mana from her attacker as drow slows the movespeed of an enemy hero. This will be a buff to enemy heroes such as lich, grim stroke and puck. Because these heroes require enemies to be close together. It will also make drow a bad pick against winter wyvern, void spirit, when she is already countered by every melee hero.

ArtStation - Goblin Attack Animation, Nauris Amatnieks

She became a bad pick when her attack animation was slowed. Her problem is she wants to farm like alchemist without the tools to do it. She does too much and is countered by too much. Gust helped when up against melee.

She means something different to different people.

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To some marksmanship and precision aura define her. To others frost arrows and gust define her. Precision gave her team fight ability. Mark gave her a much needed powerboost.  Frost arrows gave her the ability to keep enemies in a certain distance and a somewhat thoughtful chasing ability. Gust gave her protection against her counter. Let me tell you what she means to me.

Gust | Pokémon Wiki | Fandom

Drow ranger has all the wrong abilities that make up her arsenal. She has a window in which she can kill enemies. This is when gust is active. The silence of gust is a small window of when she can go out and demolish heroes—in theory. But her powerhouse ability, marksmanship, is chance based making using that ability dependent on items. In my opinion, she is a support that helps out the chaser and main damage dealer. Helping the carry get a kill. That is her role ever since the recent change. The recent change helps her farm but doesn’t help her deal bonus damage during the small window of gust. Also she runs out of mana by the time the duration is over.

Fin the Murloc: Multi-Shot - Hearthstone Card Artwork

The new multishot is not a good ability. Frost arrows requires you to continuously chase a victim or move around the battlefield but the new multishot is active while you are stationary. Slowing multiple people is good but it is not a good ability because it doesn’t work well with frost arrows. Also it makes you a priority target to stuns. Not only that but it gives you no extra farm during the laning stage. It is useful as a jungling tool but only after gaining items.

Mix Raced Businesspeople Set in Various Situation - Stock Illustration  [58415273] - PIXTA

Drow needs an innate powerhouse ability. I like the jungling with Multishot but it is very weak in its current form. It doesn’t last long enough and it doesn’t deal enough damage. Also it is too situational.

Shadow profiles: Facebook has information you didn't hand over - CNET

I loved my shadow pact idea. Could even be changed to Frost pact.

What is shadow IT and how do you manage shadow IT risks associated with  remote work? - CloudSEK

Shadow pact allowed for drow and a target ally to go invisible together. For these two to stay invisible as  long as they stay a certain distance from each other. I am not sure what breaking invisibility would do.

What could frost pact do? I am not sure. I don’t know all the capabilities of ice and snow. Cold embrace was the first idea of ice healing. Maybe, Frost Pact could do that. Or have the ally and drow share a mana pool. Which would be a bad idea because drow wastes a lot of mana from using frost arrows.

This could also lead to drow dominating a pet to enable her to use shadow without an allied hero being present on the battlefield.

It would be the first ability that didn’t vibe with her frost and ranger theme and gave her lore more depth.

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