Well i have been churning out 300 word posts. I have writers block and i have no idea where it comes from. I will probably try and redo some of my posts see if i can get them up to 900 words. That is the goal atleast.

Any way i will analyze 7.23 when i get a chance. I have been trying to get my starcraft ideas out of my head and onto the web. I don’t have many but I saw this cool pick on artstation of someones imagined xel naga idea and i think its cool i will post it when i get a chance. We have a long time until spring and up to a month until winter so i hope they don’t release anything until may with a spring clean up. But if valve does release something i will try and cover it.

Already they came up with postpatches to fix what came in the outlanders patch. I will try and cover all of that with my review of the patch. I have tons of content to talk about now…yea for me.

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