Can Starcraft take a new angle?

Tyrael vs Illidan by slipknotrlm | Scifi fantasy art, Heroes of the storm,  Wow illidan

Imagine a Dragon Rider facing off against a Battlecruiser. Would Starcraft do well with adding a futuristic magical race added to their game? How would a futuristic race look like? How would the game developers explain magical powers in their futuristic world. Everything is based off of technology. I mean when you take technology to a primitive society; it comes off as Magic. Yet, this is not the type of magic I am talking about. I am talking about real magic like what comes out of Kerrigan’s hands in Starcraft 2. She has lightning blast through her fingers. But down to the minimum she is using technology we do not know about. I mean magic like in harry potter or as we call it in the marvel universe: Super powers. Modern day magic is called super powers, how would Blizzard implement a futuristic magical race that wielded super powers.

ocean starcraft world of warcraft fantasy art thrall starcraft heart of  swarm sarah kerrigan queen High Quality Wallpapers,High Definition  Wallpapers

Would they ride dinosaurs and float in forcefields? Would they have soldiers that looked like The Thing? Sorry but, Protoss already use forcefields. What else can Blizzard do for a magical race? What else can they portray?

World Of Warcraft, StarCraft, Fantasy Art Wallpapers HD / Desktop and  Mobile Backgrounds

An intermingling of Warcraft universe and Starcraft universe. This is the world I am trying to display. A fully functional world where humans with super powers reign and battle it out against Terran, Protoss and Zerg. What would starcraft look like from this point of view?

Starcraft II, World Of Warcraft, World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm Wallpapers HD  / Desktop and Mobile Backgrounds

I mean playable races: Magical, Terran, Protoss and Zerg. With a possible fifth being the Xelnaga.

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