The Xelnaga let down

StarCraft: Legacy Forums

One of my dreams, It became tarnished by Blizzard’s development. Is with, When I imagined, the Xelnaga I visualized this cool race of people. I mean all their other ideas were solid in development. The Zerg looked cool, the protoss looked awesome, the Terran were on point. Even the Warcraft races—Undead, Human, Orc, and Night Elf—stood up to my definition of a good creation. Yet, when the Xel Naga came in to being, they were ugly and uninteresting. They had no depth as if the funding to develop them right was not there. They didn’t drive cool ships. They didn’t have the ideas behind them that backed the rest of starcraft 2’s development.

Xel'Naga in 2020 | Naga, Art, Interesting art

I am sorry Blizzard but the Xel Naga could have been developed better. Amon wasn’t cool looking he looked like a wannabe zerg beast while the Xel Naga you faced off against in the Protoss mission were not up to par and looked like a mix between a protoss and a predator.

StarCraft: Legacy Forums
StarCraft: Legacy Forums

Even the protoss and zerg hybrids looked ugly. What I did like—the zerg and human hybrids, and they felt decent after their presentation.

StarCraft: Legacy Forums

They could have developed something out of this world. I mean they did have something that was on a new scale of awesomeness. A futuristic race that created other races. How could you develop them further? I mean anything I could have created would not suffice. But Blizzard are the professionals, everything they create should have been on par. They bust out block buster hits: Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, Overwatch. The list continues. Yet when it came to a futuristic race we have no idea how to portray they failed at portraying it correctly. Their only other failure being Heroes of the Storm. And that failed because it was too different from other games in its genre.

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