Clay Spirit

Easy Clay Sculptures : Dota 2 | Figurative sculpture, Sculptures, Sculpture  art

There are some heroes I can see myself as and if I was part of the dota world I would see myself as these heroes? Those heroes are wisp, elder titan, shadow demon, warlock, death prophet, and Grimstroke. I compare myself to these heroes because they all manipulate illusions or summonables and have their creations influence the game.

Clay Soldier by StuArtStudios on DeviantArt | Fantasy concept art, Art,  Card art

The one I am closest to is Elder Titan because my timing is off in the game. And my suggestions do more damage than good I feel like. I don’t know. Some good suggestions I got in the game was hurricane pike and living armor. Hurricane Pike is from my suggested playstyle of using forcestaff to catch up to enemies. Living Armor was a full metal alchemist suggestion that got revamped into basic ability of Treant protector.

Alphonse Elric by FonteArt on deviantART | Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, Fullmetal  alchemist edward, Fullmetal alchemist

I wanted to name this new hero suggestion Kerrigan or Grey—from x-men—but Clay spirit sounds nicer for what it does. And it takes from everyone’s youth because we all played with clay as children. Basically, Clay spirit specialty is mutation. She is the zerg queen of blades of Dota. She is a mobile hatchery.

Frozen Hive | Starcraft, Concept art world, Concept art

Clay Spirit has four abilities, three of them can be used on allies, or enemies but the three abilities can also be used on her summonables. When used on summonables they cause a mutation and the summonable can choose when to morph into another unit. Based on how the summonable has manipulated itself and how Clay spirit manipulated it, determines what it mutates into when it uses the morph ability.

The Queen of Blades has landed on Death Battle! by Darth-Drago on DeviantArt

Lastly, all Spirits have a way to blink around the battlefield. Her way is each summonable has a blink ability to have her switch positions with the summonable. So if she is stunned as long as the mutant hasn’t been stunned they can blink to her location and she can blink to their location.

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