Spider Leg remake

Brood Spider: The females of this unique breed of arachnid can lay a new  egg every 12-15 minutes for 8 months after bein… | Giant spider, Fantasy  beasts, Spider art

I honestly think both brood and Spider legs needs to be remade, I just have no idea how to remake brood. Arachnids are awesome but Valve’s take on brood is not awesome but I will not comment on that today. Today I want to comment on spider leg.

Brood mother, Arthur Gimaldinov | Creature design, Spider art, Character art

I want to nerf it by having spider leg function like broods spider webs but have it be a different color depending on if you’re dire or radiant.  I was thinking it could be red webs like carnage from the spiderman universe or black webs like venom but I have no idea how that would play out in game. Also to provide anyone who walks through it on your team free pathing.

Dota 2 Spectre Fan Art 4k, HD Games, 4k Wallpapers, Images, Backgrounds,  Photos and Pictures

Another idea is to rename spider leg to Dream Catcher. my grandmother had me draw a spider web to keep from having nightmares and recently a doctor showed me a dream catcher and I remember my sister talking about it when she took native American studies in high school. I wanted this dream catcher idea to be a revitalized sleeping mechanic. To have a battle between spirits like elder titan around the sleeping unit. But then I thought this might be better to replace spider leg as a dream catcher. And provide the same mechanics of spider leg but in the dream catcher battle area.

HD wallpaper: Spectre, Dota 2, Art | Wallpaper Flare
HD wallpaper: Dota 2 Spectre, mercurial, art, backgrounds, illustration,  abstract | Wallpaper Flare

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