Elephant treatment in dota

I think it is wrong to have an elephant as a hat and especially as a techie’s hat—For people who don’t know what a hat is. It is a cosmetic item to dress up your character to look different than the original design—We should care for animals and that hero teaches us that animals like to commit suicide and we won’t trust those animals based on what they do in the game. Actually, it makes it look like terrorists use the animals to fight with which isn’t a problem nowadays and was a problem in the past.

ART] Indian War Elephant : Fantasy

The elephant should be a hero so we know what their actual problems with society are. Things we are doing to them. Lone Druid is a good example of a hero who is made to get along with that hero and so is beast master. I know that EEHV is a current problem with Elephants. I have no idea how to show that in a video game.

War Elephant by ISOTXART on deviantART | War elephant, Elephant art, War art

Also, I drew an elephant because I wanted Kodo beast’s rider in the game without going against copyright infringement and a coyote is my favorite animal not an elephant.

That’s why a Panda should be put in the game so we know that Pandas are also having a hard time with mating. I just have no idea how to portray that in a game. Because video games are made for adults and children. And its not suitable to show children under twelve or eleven anything related to intercourse. And in some families even until they reach eighteen.

This is why I don’t like hats in the game because the design can confuse new players and even older players. And some of the designs are immature in design. The only hats I like are the ones for couriers and an elephant hat for a courier is ok…I just wish the developers would take it serious that an elephant rider needs to be put in the game and a panda bear.

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