World War 2 Series - Lookout, James Paick | War art, War, World war

The game should add Lookout. Lookout is a hero that helps out ranged heroes and makes their matches easier. I got the idea for lookout from researching Nascar Drivers. I don’t watch Nascar but I use to like driving. When I liked driving, I would watch movies like fast and the furious. I wondered how the people avoided getting into accidents so I researched it and found a occupation in Nascar called Spotters.

Greenglade Lookout Art - Legends of Runeterra Art Gallery in 2020 | Art, Fantasy  art, Art gallery

Spotters are people who watch the track and prepare the driver for incoming obstacles. There are multiple spotters. One that sits in the car—might be replaced by a camera now—others that sit at key points on the track and talk to the driver about incoming issues with the track.

blue nascar racing 1920x1080 wallpaper High Quality Wallpapers,High  Definition Wallpapers

I lost interest in the fast and the furious after that because I thought the drivers were making instant decisions.

480x800px | free download | HD wallpaper: artwork, racing, car, vehicle,  Nascar, mode of transportation | Wallpaper Flare

I thought a spotter sounded strange so I changed the name to Lookout. Lookout is a hero that can be in dota that does what vengeful spirit is turning into. With the last patch, she gained the ability to increase the attack range of herself and surrounding allies. If a few of her other skills were changed she could become Lookout.

Masterful) Village Lookout Ruffing | Fantasy illustration, Fantasy  characters, Fantasy art
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ArtStation - Mareida Adv, Hoàng Lập (Solan)

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