Outpost review

ArtStation - Swamp outpost, Magnus Schramm | Fantasy landscape, Environment  concept art, Fantasy places

Ok so I am really not sure what the purpose of Side shops are besides quick item pickup. But I know what the purpose of outposts are. See there are two outposts when there should be three.

Ruined Asian mountain outpost, Illustration | Fantasy art landscapes,  Fantasy landscape, Environment concept art

The middle lane doesn’t have an outpost. This is because the game is dedicated towards having one person in one lane. The mid lane provides extra experience in the sideshop days. But now we have a chance for extra experience in the outer lanes. One baby sitter that roams and one babysitter that stays with the neutral camp player. The game has been centered around roaming.

Dota2 Tutorial: Outpost Truesight Range - YouTube

Because there are items that are gathered from the neutral camps, i consider the game more centered around roaming. I just wish bots would use the outposts.

The only other thing i can manage to consider is that they are preparing for more players but that is unlikely because there are already five people in a team and they all live together in the pro scene from what i heard.

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