Snapfire review

Snapfire Dota 2 Release Date in 2020 | Dota 2, Dota  2 wallpaper, Dota 2 wallpapers hd

I thought snapfire’s cookies were bad until I played the game. I got one lucky with my cookie usage off and I learned what this ability does.. One time I used It the cookie helped kunkka dodge a maledict casting and I got hit. I had no idea that was possible with the spell. I thought it worked like force staff. Pushing you a short distance forward. But I learned different after that. I had no idea that the game could predict future occurances. I know it allows weaver to teleport into the past. But I had no idea that it could teleport people into the future. That’s what the cookie does it teleports people into the future. Based on patterns it recognize before. So the more we use snapfire the better the game will become with her. She has potential to be a really fun hero.

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I didn’t like the idea of her when she was released but I am coming to enjoy her gameplay. I think her pet is alittle obnoxious and I hate to face this hero in a pub game. Pub games are already out of control. The game needs a new item that dodges her pet’s kisses. Those fire barrages are a hazard and needs some sort of control.

Snapfire | Defense of the ancients, Outlander, Dota 2

Most of the time it pushes someone you target forward but thats because thats the best decision for that time. As people play it will get better. She is best used with a team, because you get used to playing with each other. I don’t want her used in pub games to be honest. She can be a real hazard people trying to get people killed but the opposite will happen

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