Vambrace (Part 2)

Bracer Vambrace Leather アサシンブレード Bracelet, Japanese Armour, bracelet,  leather, arm png | PNGWing

Ok so vambrace gives stats after the laning stage. So does yasha, kasha, null and every other item. These items are all expensive except for the sange and yasha. I mention this because the one item I want in the game is hard to develop. That is an item that gives attributes to allies surrounding the item bearer. Most stat items are above seventeen thousand when they share something.

Dota 2 Skin Changer PRO - Mods Wiki - Dragon Knight - Vambrace of the  Blazing Superiority

The problem with sharing attributes is it’s impossible to develop because it is needed in the laning stage and in battles after that stage. But they fall off by minute eighteen.  Some items are unrealistic based on the economy of the game.

I guess it could be a neutral item but neutrals don’t spawn until 5 – 15 minutes and don’t start dropping items until 45 – 60 mark.

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