Captain Planet (part 1)

Wrooks: Lets start with, Can you tell me a little about yourself for anyone who might not know you?(gaming and dota History)

Captain Planet: well I guess my gaming started with Prince of Persia (the original game). that’s where my enjoyment of computer games began. Growing up I didn’t have that much, since we never owned a console of any kind. Boom, SimCity and Age of Empires II were my childhood. I first heard of Dota about…6 years ago now.

My first WCIII custom map, however, was Enfo’s Team Survival. DotA came a bit later. My first ever match I randomed Necrolyte and bought 3 Plainswalkers Cloaks and boots. Mostly I played vs bots because, having only Mac computers at home and a pirated copy of WCIII, there was no or 3rd party client I could use. that was more or less the norm until I got my own laptop that I partitioned between OS X and Windows, so I was able to utilise Garena and Dotalicious. that was about 2 years ago


3 years. 3 years ago was when I really started playing WCIII online. I didn’t play much, but I kept following updates and whatnot. my Dota playing really took off when I was offered a beta key by IceFrog himself. this was in November 2011. I played 30 hours of Dota 2 over a single weekend and since then I’ve played most days. I play other games as well, like Skyrim and Neverwinter Nights, Minecraft, Halo, Age of Empires, and others

that’s more or less my gaming history

Wrooks: You said you’ve been playing for 6+ years does that mean that you were on dota-allstars?

Captain Planet: indeed I was. for all 87 forum posts I made. I think I joined DotA-Allstars in mid to late 2008, so I was only there for about 6 months before came along. I did a lot of suggestions and guides lurking, though. a LOT of lurking

Wrooks: Lurking is good you learn what to say and what not to

Captain Planet: I was a slow learner πŸ˜›

Wrooks: i see

Captain Planet: I know there’d be a few who’d say I’m still a slow learner πŸ˜›

Wrooks: You said you were invited to play dota 2 by icefrog does this mean you’re on the beta team?

Captain Planet: no, I got my invite via PM on the forums from IceFrog. I think at the time there were, maybe, 600-700 people in the beta and only 3 servers. 4. US W/E, Europe and China

Wrooks: Can you tell me a little about your username and the history behind it?

Captain Planet: well my usernames have gone through many iterations. as many on the forums may remember it was “The_Juggernaut” then “The][nquisitoR” Captain Planet I chose because Captain Planet is awesome but also we’ve only got this one planet, so his message resonates with me

The][nquisitoR was a reference to an episode from the british sci-fi comedy “Red Dwarf”. it was a timetravelling robot who visited every single person throughout history who’ve ever lived and judged whether or not they’d lived a worthwhile life. those who he judged had wasted their lives were replaced with “the sperms who never made it”, to quote the show

as for “The_Juggernaut”, well that was because Juggernaut was my favourite DotA hero at the time πŸ˜›

Wrooks: So with that in mind do you say your very intuitive?

Captain Planet: am I intuitive? well….my mind can be a strange place, even for me at times. so I guess I could say “not always am I intuitive. but I try to be reasonable as much as possible

Wrooks: I was looking at your disease cloud item and was thinking that you do come up with some strange ideas. Not as strange as others though. It fits dota though atleast in my opinion so its not totally random

Captain Planet: that’s one of my oldest ideas. I’ve since moved on to others that are less…out there

Wrooks: can you link it?

Captain Planet: though I try to maintain as much originality as possible

you’ll have to ignore about the first page of comments. since they’re all about a VERY retarded idea that got removed and remade into something completely different namely “ranged cleave damage”. I was very wet behind my balance ears and didn’t know much about item CONCEPT balance

which I guess makes the first page of reading a good laugh for anyone wanting to poke fun at a nooby suggestion πŸ™‚

Wrooks: icefrog took it somewhat serious we have valdmirs and aquila which seem to be concepts taken from your idea

Captain Planet: well Vlads has been in DotA for longer than I’ve been playing. personally I didn’t see aquila as anything related to what I’ve done, but I guess the idea of low cost aura items is more popular than it used to be

what with the advent of Aquila and Drums

Wrooks: When did you start visiting the suggestions forum?

Captain Planet: right from the start. I still remember when the entirety of the suggestions forum was 14 threads long. that’s a while ago now, though. that was a time when you had to label what your suggestion was in the title i.e. [HERO] [STR-SCRG] or [ITEM] [ITEM NAME]

just so people knew what it was you were trying to post. it was a bit of a mess. the admins got their act together, though and we have what we have now. by no means is it perfect and there’s lots of room for improvement, but its workable

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