Wards change review

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Observer ward is by far one of the items I have been trying to push for being cheaper. I believe I wanted it to cost mana or intelligence or every stat but your main stat. Either way I wanted it to cost something. Right now it cost time. It cost 135 seconds to restock. This limits the amount you can purchase and supports won’t feel pressure to not buy it.

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I remember in the old days where you would buy a ward and suffer getting your main items because the support couldn’t afford their normal items eventually becoming fish food. Now you just need to worry about warding at the correct time.

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This item has gone through a lot of pressure since 7.00 ever came out. Now that the first quarter of the series is here, We have accomplish the perfect warding system. But we will see, because you can never be definite with items. They change constantly.

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A basic guide to warding in Dota 2 | theScore esports

You cannot buy wards whenever you want. You have to place it in the right place at the right time. Being a support takes practice now.  And you have to be patient because a wrong placement could mean getting the ward killed by the enemy team.

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Quick guide to Dota 2 warding in the early, mid, and late game - DOTA2 -  News - WIN.gg

The I miss the 6.43 idea of having the item’s slot for the entire team go on cooldown for one second instead of restocking for the shop.  Though that system didn’t teach to ward right, this system teaches you to ward correctly and warding is difficult.

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