Starcraft story ruined

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Why I think that starcraft jumped the broom handle when they released starcraft 2. Starcraft 2 had all of its ideas jampacked into one game when it should have had those ideas evened out during more game releases. We shouldn’t have tried to save the universe from the xelnaga until starcraft four or five. Also they completely did nothing with the protoss and zerg hybrid race. Also there is another hybrid that wasn’t even thought of and that is the protoss and human hybrid. There are so many ideas in this game I wonder why they squished most of them into one game. Recapturing auir should have been the main focus of the protoss missions. But they got side tracked by saving the universe to early. Or that is from what I remember. Also what happened to kerrigan’s red hair. She got replaced by a brunette with braids when she was rehabilitated. I have no idea why her red hair wasn’t restored. That is what defined her in starcraft 1.

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