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Ok so this idea might be overextending a bit but I want to get it out there. Basically the idea is to lower the hero count by combing the heroes into thirty nine to fifty heroes with three to four phases . Each phase is pickable with everything being different but the heroes face and silhouette  and has its own unique abilities during a match.

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Blank skill spot Ability Draft. : DotA2

There are still one hundred nineteen heroes but they are hidden as thirty nine heroes

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An example of this is snowborne. Snowborne has three phases crystal phase which is templar assassin model with crystal maiden abilities. Templar phase which is templar assassin model with templar assassin abilities and the luna phase with the templar assassin model on a luna mount and luna abilities. When you  buy a hat all three of these heroes get a unique hat to go with their playstyle.

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Another example could be Nightborne which is comprised of drow ranger, mirana and ancient apparition

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This will make captains mode harder because you eliminate three heroes with each ban and two heroes with each pick.

Ariel is an example of combing pudge, wyvern and phoenix. with pudge turning into a swamp bird.

If this change takes effect it might be best to keep the hero names the same for most heroes. Also you get two free hats with each hero.

One Man, Three Outcomes by WOLFBLADE111 on DeviantArt

you cannot play all three phases during a match

This will make the game different because every hero can be a support or a carry but can only play that one role each match

this idea might be better for dota three

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