L. Greenleaf (part 1)

Wrooks: Lets start with, Can you tell me a little about yourself for anyone who might not know you?

Legolas Greenleaf: alright

Legolas Greenleaf: I’m from Malaysia and I used to play Dota 1 using Hamachi, Garena and even Blue Server.

Legolas Greenleaf: I played the game since version 5.87 where rikimaru still uses Death Ward as his ultimate.

Legolas Greenleaf: 1.5 years ago, I shifted to Dota 2 and I’m now currently active in playing this game.

Legolas Greenleaf: It’s great.

Wrooks: Can you explain what Hamachi is and what it felt like to play on it?

Legolas Greenleaf: Hamachi is like a connecting platform where player can connect to the same game via the same channel.

Legolas Greenleaf: Each channel represented a “room” just like the one Garena has.

Legolas Greenleaf: You can use Hamachi to play Counter Strike as well.

Wrooks: o its like a steam/garena merge?

Legolas Greenleaf: not really, it’s like a simplified version of garena

Wrooks: o

Wrooks: Can you tell me a little about your playdota username and the history behind it?

Legolas Greenleaf: Alright.

Legolas Greenleaf: My platdota username is condorzai. It means a condor baby

Legolas Greenleaf: I chose to use this user name because I have ran out of idea.

Wrooks: Suggesting is fun and all but have you ever considered any other parts of the dota scene such as the proscene,  shoutcasting or video making? In other words, Dota has many other areas in its world a player could be a part of, what brought you to the suggestions forum?

Legolas Greenleaf: Well, I am not really good at the other aspects beside suggesting new ideas to the DotA society. From my experience, there are flaws in the game which I think, if improved, will bring along a whole new fun factor to the Dota society.

Legolas Greenleaf: Therefore, I chose to take parts in the suggestion forum and no, I have not plan to take part in other dota scene (although the proscene is part of the factor in suggesting something totally new).

Wrooks: I can see your point and many of your suggested ideas are revolutionary… much like the food merchant and your silencer remake

Legolas Greenleaf: šŸ™‚ Oh thank you.

Wrooks: what were your thoughts as you developed these ideas?

Wrooks: In other words whats your personal development strategy?

Legolas Greenleaf: I will first read through the lore (or even create one if the initial one is flawed) and try to imagine what the hero is capable of doing and how can I improve his/her/its potential. For instance, I once suggested Maledict (from Witch Doctor) to heal on allies, and to damage on enemies. Since WD is a doctor, I personally find it thematically fitting to have Maledict heal as well since it synergies with Voodoo Restoration.

Wrooks: What heroes do you consider to be needing of a serious change?

Wrooks: besides witchdoctor

Legolas Greenleaf: Medusa needs a serious concept overhaul. Gaze should remains as her signature and the other three have to be revised. She was and she is a trash afk farmer and will continue to be one if no further changes are made. Treant Protector is okay now but Eye is the Forest is still cool. Statis Trap from Goblin Techies is a joke that should be revised into something more reliable with reduced effect. The role of Pit Lord of still questionable despite the remake of Expulsion into Atrophy Aura, his overall theme is good but his spells are completely irrelevant except for Pit of Malice and Dark Rift. Spirit Baker is at least ok now with the most recent remake. Huskar is EXTREMELY op against all caster while the solo Roshan Ursa with just a Vladmir should be totally nerfed.

Legolas Greenleaf: More to come. Typing now lol.

Wrooks: ic

Legolas Greenleaf: Razor could use a cast point removed, CM’s movement speed can be improved.

Legolas Greenleaf: That’s pretty much all

Legolas Greenleaf: for now

Wrooks: cast point?

Legolas Greenleaf: As in, your hero will not be stopped if you cast something.

Wrooks: o

Legolas Greenleaf: You can throw static link even when you are running

Legolas Greenleaf: Did I forgot to mention the current Weaver first ability is a trash and the new heroes such as Zet, and Oracle are completely overpower that has no way of nerfing unless the whole hero is removed?

Wrooks: that kinda makes sense though imo from a design point not sure about balance wise

Wrooks: talking about static link

Legolas Greenleaf: Yep šŸ™‚ Such a beautiful remake.

Wrooks: well alot of heroes when they first enter dota are op or overpowered in some aspect and require a remake to be balanced dazzle comes to mind as one

Wrooks: the skill the replaced shallow grave and ultimate were both op so they got replaced

Legolas Greenleaf: Phoenix could be buffed a little by allowing Fire Spirit to be castable when Icarus Dive is used. That will only make him perfect

Legolas Greenleaf: Yep

Legolas Greenleaf: Agree with Dazzle.

Legolas Greenleaf: Lion and Nyx could use a different stunning mechanism

Legolas Greenleaf: instead of some irrelevant scaling

Legolas Greenleaf: Anti Mage can be remaked into something else to be real honest.

Wrooks: do you have any ideas for general concepts for both dota 1 and dota 2 in the items department? For example in dota 2 we could use an item taht decreased aoe size of enemies.

Legolas Greenleaf: Oh yes

Legolas Greenleaf: I do have some.

Wrooks: dont link just summerize please

Wrooks: ones youve seen from other players and ones of your own

Legolas Greenleaf: I once think of implement something that increases sight range upon wieding up so you are able to get a courier and get this item so you are able to scout with just a courier

Legolas Greenleaf: silly english :/ grammar error haha

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