Jokomopo (part 1)

Wrooks: Lets start with, Can you tell me a little about yourself for anyone who might not know you?

Jokomopo: Um… Sure. In general or about dota related stuff?

Wrooks: Dota related

Jokomopo: Ok, well  my username is jokomopo. I’ve been playing dota for about 2 and a half years so Im well aware that I still have a lot to learn. I got into the dota 2 beta pretty early, when invites were still pretty scarce. I’ve been part of playdota for about the same amount of time but I only stated posting about 5 months ago.

Wrooks: Why did you wait to post?

Jokomopo: Because I wanted to get some more experience first answer I wanted to understand the game better. We’ve both seen hero poets by new users that just don’t work solely because they don’t understand the game and its mechanics fully. I’ve only ever been interested in creating heroes anyway

Wrooks: That makes sense, Can you tell me a little about your username and the history behind it?

Jokomopo: Well, I made it up. I made it up when I was just learning Japanese and I was learning the katakana characters and I wrote four random characters together and that was what it came out as

Wrooks: I see, thats similar to how I came up with Wrooks….I wrote a story and I liked the name of the character so I started using it. The only other name I have is nightsedge for starcraft and thats elven. But I get one free change so I might use it on Wrooks. any way this is your interview so back to you…..Lets get down to business, What heroes do you consider to be needing of a serious change?

Jokomopo: I think bloodseeker needs a change badly. Everything he does can be done better by other heroes and he’s too easy to counter.

Wrooks: What is your recipe for creating a suggestion?

Jokomopo: First I try and come up with a concept. After that I try and think of original spells that zip could fit with the concept. After that than I go through refining the hero a lot, I think about how the hero would fit into the game and what new things it could bring. I think about what item syngeries and spell syngeries the hero could bring to the game as well. I also try and think about balance and if the hero is OP or not. I also try and really avoid just creating a weird “upgrade” of a hero.

Wrooks: That all makes sense, do you only make hero suggestions or do you do items also?

Jokomopo: Only hero suggestions because I feel like those are the only things I could seriously contribute to dota

Wrooks: Why do you think that?

Jokomopo: Those are the things that stand out the most in dota for me.

Wrooks: I see, Who do you look up to in the suggestion forums?

Wrooks: and why?

Jokomopo: I look up to NuclearCookie, RandolphCarter and Jonmcdonald because they seem to have a lot of experience.

Wrooks: I haven’t met Carter you’ll have to introduce us…. anyway on to the next question, do you consider guides and commentaries helpful to conceptualizing ideas?

Jokomopo: I think that it does help because they sometimes go in-depth with hero explanations and item builds and synergies and that can help with hero creation because it helps you understand the game better, I guess

Jokomopo: Does that make sense?

Wrooks: That makes sense. You said you look up to NuclearCookie, What do you think of his Shaper’s challenge?

Jokomopo: I think it’s a great idea. It helps get the creative juices flowing when you’re kind of out of ideas and it helps broaden concepts as well. I know, for me personally, that I tend to think in the same general field for concepts and it’s a thing that I’m actively trying to get over but the shaper’s challenge helps me do that by giving me out of the box ideas for things

Wrooks: Can you give an example?

Jokomopo: ok, so for example, my hero Farheit, was made from a steam controlling concept. WHile thinking of the hero, I was searching concepts like, using colour, using water, using mud, using ice and then I settled on steam, but then a shaper’s challenge will come along like “Create a hero  using the 7 deadly sins as a concept” (which is this week btw) and that totally takes me out of my box of thinking and helps me create more original and more interesting heroes

Wrooks: 7 deadly sins huh deja vu someone just made a game concept about that in my gaming class. Let’s take a break from dota suggestions. What are you interested in besides Dota and its world?

Wrooks: What other worlds are you interested in other words

Wrooks: or hobbies etc

Jokomopo: I love anime and manga. Some of my favourites are Naruto, One Piece, Working (because it’s funny OK), Hyouka (because of the beautiful visuals and the amazing colorus)

Jokomopo: I also loev to read and gain knowledge. My pursiut of knowledge is werid for me

Wrooks: wierd?

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