Reconnaissance Button Explained.

I have no idea how to explain this idea. Basically, it should be an idea where you press a button and it shows you whats going on in another allies perspective, and their part of the battlefield. Without obstructing your view too much.

I came up with the idea by seeing pro matches in Dota 2. The camera shifts to another players perspective or world view every so often.

It would provide updates if the player asked for it. And you ask for an update by pressing a button.

It would provide a video update and bring up a camera view to a dire part of the map. Either showing someone in danger or someone causing danger. It’s made for a player position that uses tp scrolls to roam the map like Weaver, wisp or nature’s prophet.

This game is either in a future on a distant planet or in the past on our planet. If it’s on a distant planet it’s probably just a cellphone. If it’s in the past it’s a crystal ball.

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