Dota’s UI

Hello Dota players,

Cerita Hero Dota 2 : Gondar Sang Bounty Hunter Terkuat | Caçador de  recompensas, Dota 2
The Earth Spirit Dota 2 | Earth spirit, Character portraits, Dark creatures

Today I want to talk about the UI everything is perfect with the UI. The only two problems that I see is that it is frustrating to toggle between each lane. The minimap makes it easy but its still difficult. The other problem is that it’s hard to command multiple characters. Characters might include heroes, creeps, neutrals and summonables.

Welcome to Mid Lane | Dota 2 wallpaper, Environmental art, Dota 2
Dota 2: Well, there goes more of my life… | CheeeseToastieandVideoGames

Heroes are the characters with four spells that level up until they reach level 30 or 35. I forget what they reach in the game. They are equipped with items that they purchase at the three shops on the map. Home shop and two secret shops. The other thing they possess is at least four abilities to learn.

dota2 Ranged Creep by biggreenpepper on deviantART | Dota 2, Defense of the  ancients, Character design
dota2 Melee Creep by biggreenpepper on deviantART | Dota 2, Artwork, Line  art drawings

In Dota, Creeps are the little minions that are just used to farm gold. Creeps can be used to push a lane or take advantage of, for gold and experience. Neutrals are used to capture or farm gold and experience for. They are characters owned by the computer that is not your ally or your main objective. Summonables are a player’s characters that they can spawn with their abilities. That’s why they’re called summonables because you spawn them.

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