Tracking your allies: Reconnaissance as a item

Some Valve Art From Portal & DOTA 2
Dota2 - Naga Siren Slithereen Knight Final | Art, Concept art, Dota 2

Allied tracking would be a better concept than providing the provisions of news of whats happening for free similar to how the provision of Fortification is provided for free. Since this is a future or past game i have no idea what it is. Since the game takes place during those time periods it would be better if it was an item.

HD wallpaper: Night stalker, Dota 2, Art, adult, front view, one person,  human body part | Wallpaper Flare
Hide & Seek | Bounty hunter, Game expo, Dota2 heroes

It could be tracked better. It would also provide a better function for support heroes inside the video game. It would be a reason to keep them alive. It could also display fog of war and be difficult to see everything. Until later version of the game or until you upgraded the item.

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