Void — (Full Interview)

Wrooks: Lets start with, Can you tell me a little about yourself for anyone who might not know you?(gaming and dota History)

Void: I am just an ordinary Malaysian teenager here. Nothing special about me with regards to my background. As for DotA, the first time I heard of it was during elementary school. At that time, I overheard my classmates talk about this game and I was baffled, at that time. It was not until middle school when I started to get a hands-on experience of it. That time, I went to neighboring Singapore to further

my studies, and my fellow Malaysian friends were all heads-over-heels for DotA. I was interested and so I got a copy of Warcraft III (and DotA) from them. One of my friends taught me how to play this game, and that’s pretty much how Dota started to become part of my life.

Wrooks: I had a similar experience friends introduced me to it in a pc cafe. So I mostly played there. Fun times. What hero did you start out on?

Void: Kardel Sharpeye (Sniper). Was undeniably the simplest hero at that time that did not involve much skills to play, and so my friend taught me the basics of DotA with this hero.

Wrooks: what hero was the first that you were drawn to?

Void: It might have been Sven. For me, Storm Bolt looked very cool with its texture and I was amazed that it stuns an area instead of merely a target, considering the fact that I did play a bit of Warcraft’s Mountain King.

Wrooks: So it was the animation that drew you not the spell itself?

Void: It’s a little bit of both.

Wrooks: You sound like the gamasutra magazine, have you read it?

Void: No, never even heard of it, to be honest.

Wrooks: It’s a game development magazine, its completely online, thats what I was trying to reproduce with the dota magazine i was making but it failed cause well people got busy.  have you ever considered reading a dev mag?

Void: Not before, but now that you mention it, I feel interested to read one.

Wrooks: Yea its good stuff.

Wrooks: Can you tell me a little about your username and the history behind it?

Void: I used to adopt the name ‘No one’ in Warcraft III. The idea behind this name is kind of a poor attempt at humor. The kill feed that appears. whenever a hero is killed will show the name of the killer like ‘ just pwned ‘s head!’, so I felt like it will be funny if it appears as ‘No one just pwned ‘s head!’ instead. I would never have expected at that time that this would evolve to eventually become my own online persona instead. My PD username was noonepwnedsome1 due to this too. Originally, I wanted it to be ‘noonepwnedsomeone’, but there wasn’t enough space so the latter ‘one’ became ‘1’ instead. More importantly, I did not know that this username will become my name that I cannot change. Till this day I kind of regret for not putting caps for the appropriate letters.

Wrooks: o cool, thats actually a really cool story. When did you start visiting the suggestions forum?

Void: The funny thing about my PD account is that I created the account in June 2010 thinking I will have use for it, but it was not until around November or December 2011 that I really started using it. And the first subsection I went to was the Suggestion forum. As to why I went there, at that time there were ideas I had penned down that i really wanted the international community to have a look so, remembering that I have this account, I started using it to post my ideas.

Wrooks: Suggesting is fun and all but have you ever considered any other parts of the dota scene such as the proscene, lore making, shoutcasting or video making? In other words, Dota has many other areas in its world a player could be a part of, what brought you to the suggestions forum?

Void: Perhaps it was the urge of wanting to exercise creativity within me and coupled with the fact that I am not committed to the actual gameplay of DotA, I turned instead to the area that is considered somewhat disconnected from the reality of gaming.

Wrooks: i mean why not make videos than?

Void: Partly due to my commitment to schoolworks. DotA was to me nothing more than a hobby back then. Plus, I was not really familiar with amateur video-making and I hardly wanted any attention, so I did not tread that way.

Wrooks: makes sense, makes sense. Lets get down to business, What heroes do you consider to be needing of a serious change?

Void: Change in terms of what?

Wrooks: You’re not satisfied with the hero’s gameplay in some way.

Void: It would be the newest Winter Wyvern. If you bring Winter Wyvern onto a piece of paper and post it as an idea in the Suggestion forum, people would actually notice that SPlinter Blast is meant to combo with Winter’s Curse (in that using the target of Curse as the main target of Splinter so that the ones attacking the target of Curse could be hurt from a ricocheted Splinter). The recent changes to him/her kind of deviated from this path and now Curse seems more like a pseudo-Song of the Siren instead, except maybe you could finish a weaker hero off.

Wrooks: do you mean new in terms of dota 1 or dota 2. Zet was just released a week ago or close to it. I stopped keeping track of dota 1 in 2011. Though I think they will do one more hero for dota 1 before it dies but its just speculation.

Void: It is in terms of Dota 2, where Winter’s Curse now grants physical immunity for victims.

Wrooks: Eek really?

Void: Yes, 100% resistance. It’s a 6.86 thing.

Wrooks: so basically, you can only use spells, that sux. So you need a caster team with him. he’s already kind of complicated and slow, not even axe had that type of nerf and he seems more powerful and has a greater game impact.

Void: I think it’s to counter the overuse of Winter Wyvern in the competitive scene. Most teams use her to initiate and set up for the others to follow up with their spells.

Wrooks: yea i need to watch more competitive dota? Which leagues are free to watch?

Void: I have not watched any competitions since TI5, so I am not sure.

Wrooks: Omitting yourself and I, Who is someone you look up to in the suggestion forum?

Void: To be honest, I have nobody whom I look up to. The closest to being that would perhaps be JJE92.

Wrooks: What makes you aspire to emulate him?

Void: His clarity in making the suggestions especially in explaining the rationale. It made me realise that you have to sell your idea to a person

: and anticipate the questions he/she will ask for clarification.

Wrooks: What is your recipe for creating a suggestion?

Void: Having a random ability idea (or several of them) pop up in my mind, and then building a hero based around it.

Wrooks: If I gave you an ability now could you make a hero on the spot?

Void: Sure, but no guarantees that it will be a good one.

Wrooks: I just want to pick your brain thats all. Anyway here it is: Basically, the ability is the ability to gain mana when enemies and allies/self cast abilities surrounding the unit

Void: Then there must be two things about this hero reflected in the rest of the abilities: firstly, the hero must be able to coerce enemies/encourage allies to cast spells near him/her; secondly, this hero must be able to utilise mana well, or have spells that cost a lot of mana, which means strong spells.

Wrooks: continue… actual spells

Void: Alright anyway, based on my analysis of the hero, the given ability would likely be a 2nd or 3rd skill. If we are to uphold the stereotype of attributes in DotA, this hero would be an intelligence hero. With that said, an ability that could potentially coerce enemies and encourage allies to use spells nearby would be an active ability like the recently dropped Curse of the Silent. That would be the first ability: the active spell, when activated, will inflict a debuff on nearby enemies with mana and a buff on allies. The allied buff would be somewhat similar to the Arcane rune, but this time every cast of spell increases health and mana regen and will have a reduced cooldown for that cast. As for the debuff, the enemies could lose health and mana at a steady rate until they cast a spell, whereby the rate of losses decreases. Several casts would be needed to completely dispel this debuff, and the number may be increased with skill level.

As for the second ability, we would like to start and utilise the mana gained from spell-casts. I would suggest that the second active ability to be one that spends a portion of the hero’s current mana to deal damage and/or disable based on the amount of mana spent. It could be an AoE disable and damage the likes of Light Strike Array, of which there is a delay between cast and impact.

After having the given ability as the third skill, the ultimate could utilise both the second and the third skill (potentially the first skill as well). It will be an AoE spell that needs channeling before the impact takes place, but the impact would cause heavy damage and perhaps silence the enemies. This spell will also have a high manacost. Perhaps the spell can also cause allies hit to be able to cast the same spell twice before it goes on cooldown.

Wrooks: interesting spell choices, Do consider Strategy Guides and Commentaries by players like Tobiwon and Luminous a good source for conceptualizing ideas?

Void: I don’t think they are a good source, if not almost impossible to draw ideas from.

Wrooks: What are some of the thoughts that run through your mind when you review a suggestion?

Void: Mostly about how it would turn out

Wrooks: what do you mean?

Void: If it were to be implemented in the game, how it would turn out, how would I play it, how would I be treated, etc.

Wrooks: O that makes sense, have you tried your hand at hammer?

Void: The hammer editor?

Wrooks: Yea

Void: Oh no, I have never actually moved any hero suggestions to the game.

Wrooks:  what’s stopping you?

Void: Mostly the fear of needing to spend a long time and harbour frustration towards actually successfully building one.

Wrooks:  Isn’t everything in life come with a taste of frustration though?

Void: It’s a matter of life priorities, really.

Wrooks: makes sense, I created my blog on wordpress so I wouldn’t need to spend hours dealing with bbcode. So i understand.

Void: Yeah similarly, when I know I need to spend a whole afternoon creating just one hero which literally serves no purpose other than self-satisfaction, I just don’t feel it worth. At that time schoolworks are more important.

Wrooks:  My grandfather just gave me some advice a couple weeks ago that might be applicable now. Alls you need is 15 mins a day. And if you wake up or go to sleep 15 mins later than thats all the time you need. Also keep thorough notes. Though his advice was for writing not game development. Do you still write?

Void: Oh yes, I do. In fact, I am currently writing one right now.

Wrooks: What’s it about? shouldn’t have asked…have a feeling its dota but yea what’s it about…I know you told me you wanted to start one about dota at some point.

Void: Oh sadly that isn’t about DotA. It is based off another game I play, which is a MMORPG. To be honest, I may not be starting writing on DotA anytime soon.

Wrooks:  O cool. What mmorph? witcher? guild wars?

Void: It’s MapleStory. To be absolutely honest, while bounded by the storyline that always updates itself with patches, it’s easier to make a story based off this than DotA, although the latter has a greater degree of freedom.

Wrooks: I tried that game once, it wasn’t my cup of tea. though the characters look so ehm adorable.

Void: That game defined my childhood. It was my first MMORPG and subsequently an introduction into the gaming world. Though now I don’t really like where the game and its meta is going, I still like the storyline within it.

Wrooks: Yea i still visit my childhood games from time to time. O theres this one game but it gives your computer a blue screen. Its called simant, it was an awesome game, aside from the blue screen its awesome. have you played it before?

Void: Sadly, no. I did not venture far into the world of MMORPG. Many a time, the extent of me playing these games also depend on whether they come to my place.

Wrooks: i think sim ant my be a free to play game now not sure youd have to google it…any way back to dota, What do you think of the shaper’s challenge?

Void: As far as I remember, The Shaper’s Challenge inception came at a time when the original Complete the Hero series was speculated to have stagnated. So far, ironically, TSC itself seems to have stagnated while CTH actually got back to business again. I think TSC is great for competition quickies but it’s not so much a good competition to judge and analyse a hero completely.

Wrooks:  What are some of your personal philosophies?

Void: Mostly self-reliance. I tend to have a mindset of trying not to bug people around me as much as possible unless absolutely needed.

Wrooks:  I see, what about when it comes to group projects in school or when you’re writing something. Every writer needs a writing group to prosper atleast if you plan on growing ( that and time)

Void: Group projects are a different thing whereby I see my group as the whole ‘self’ instead. As for writing groups, I may employ one soon enough if I plan for a collaborative work.

Wrooks:  What platform are you using for your story?

Void: In the past, I used to post my stories on gaming fora’s fanfic section. Now, I use Fanfiction.net. /e

Wrooks: I remember you telling me about fanfiction just yesterday, what drew you to fanfiction?

Void: It’s about similar with what drew me to the Suggestion forum. A slew of ideas in my mind, and me wanting to find somewhere to express these pent-up ideas. As to specifically fanfiction, I tend to imagine possible scenarios of which a story could be built upon, thus that drew me to fanfiction. What is interesting, however, is that despite this being said, I have much less interest when it comes to reading the works of others. /e

Wrooks: I agree, i hate reading but love writing. Though why i force myself to read is because i read alot of writer’s memoirs (also 101 habits of successful writers) and they all say the same thing , reading, writing, a group who helps you mature your writing and you mature theres, an ideal reader, a diary. the ability to observe, ehm one more soaking in everything you come in contact with, and fire (in your soul like a hunger) thats everything a writer needs. and it needs to be catered to daily. not wants but needs. its the reason i force my self to read and i have actually come across stories i like its just that reading is frustrating /e

Void: To be really, really frank, I feel like reading would be a lot less frustrating had it been on print instead, but that is just me. As for the tips you mentioned, I concur with most of them. However, I think there’s a difference between having writing as your hobby and as your career, and the main one would be your commitment towards writing. /e

Wrooks:  Never read steven eriksons or Steven king’s biographies than. The amount of hours they spent on writing before they actually made it a career. Special note is authors like Brandon Sanderson, I don’t know how he did it. But he got his boss to let him right for his eight hour shift while he worked. (I mean sure they probably gave him other stuff to do) but thats crazy. He was so determined to write that he got his boss to give the ok.

Also it wasn’t really a career for Steven King for a long time. I mean yea he made his first buck when he was like four. But generally, it was his hobby turned career. You write more in a career as a writer. All the writer’s I email say they have no time for anything because they’re writing. They complain about it. They spend like fourteen hours writing where as before it was around: four to seven. It’s almost ridiculous. Sanderson always says in his podcast that he writes on his treadmill. Not sure if thats a joke or serious but. I don’t know the guy personally so.

Void: These are people who truly commit to writing. The ideas tend to proliferate in their head and hence they are able to spit out their ideas at almost every hour. While I admire them for their ability to do so, I tend to question the sincerity when it turns into a career. See, another difference between career and hobby is that career contains more pressing demands from your readerbase. In such a pressing situation, you cannot reject the fact that there may be hints of ‘rushed work’ in a writer’s piece. Whereas if writing is to you your hobby, things will be much more lenient and simple. You may have a readerbase, but they may not exactly be as demanding. I guess both writing as a career and writing as a hobby have their pros and cons. /e

Wrooks:  That is true, thats why sometimes there stories fall short, they didnt put in the work before their careers took off, you should read the ‘malazan book of the fallen’, i haven’t heard of one reader who has picked it up that hasn’t liked it. though the language is very ambiguous. its like a modern day ulysses though it contains like 5 million words in its cannon. the other is the ‘codex alera’ series its a wonderful series its basically professional fanfiction.

and erikson put in the work as a hobby before his career took off, i haven’t done much research on butcher so i have no idea, but erikson; he won’t disappoint. Though like i said its very ambiguous, might take a few reads to understand his point. o one more thing eh there are some artists i read up on, forgot there names though. One is a guy. They guy was a math major in college. But he surprised his parents and picked up art something he had no skill in or even thought about doing ever in his life. He spent four years dedicated to just art. Every waking hour even skipping meals. And he became really good at what he does. Now hes  a professional illustrator. Though he didn’t like many of his art careers he loves illustrating. according to what i read. wish i could remember his name though

ah i have forgotten it. o yea there is a lady named clare shenstone, she said in an interview that she thought of art as breathing or using the toilet. It was just something she did all the time. now everyones not like that i understand. not everyone has that fire. thats the fire i was talking about earlier. stephen king after wiping his *** with poison ivy still found time to write because it was a part of his soul. me i like doing these interviews more than anything else =D.  It just finding time (not my schedule but others these questions take to long to ask) because usually we have some good dialogue going on like now. /e

Void: The books you mentioned look interesting, I will have to find time to read them. And from what you have mentioned, that fire really shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s just that I haven’t ignited one yet. /e

Wrooks: sometimes you have to work for it. other times it comes on its own. there are probably days when steven king or erikson or butcher or card or whoever doesn’t feel like writing ( i mean when it was a hobby) but they still made himself write. because they enjoyed it.

Read biographies they teach alot about the difference between people who accomplish thinggs and people who aspire to accomplish things or let ‘life’ stifle their dreams. Right now i want to read einstein’s.

Void: I remembered reading biographies, but they were of politicians so it did not help much. I think I might just go and read someone else’s work after this. /e

Wrooks: I didn’t mean to make it seem urgent, haha wow. Just stating my opinion. What are you interested in beside maplestory and dota?

Void: In the fantasy world? Ehh, I guess not really much right now, other than the mainstream ones. /e

Wrooks:  I mean like anime, famous figures, poetry, art, music, programming, biking, skateboarding, snowboarding, etc. /e

Void: This might sound crazy, but I am actually into politics myself. Mainly the local politics and to some extent, politics concerning contemporary terrorism.  /e

Wrooks: I’m not into politics, so i have no idea what to ask you, anything pressing on your mind you’d like to discuss? though i hear there is a story called teusday (forget the rest) that deals with our politics but its a fantasy story so it has a fantasy spin to it. my bad its called ‘thursday next’

i’ve never read it so i have no idea how good it is but since you like politics you might like it /e.

Void: Nothing else then, though you might have given me an idea to use politics in my fanfic.

Wrooks: What are your top 3 favorite or inspirational media (Movies, books, tv shows, or animes, or comics)?

Void: It would be the Harry Potter series, the Monty Python series, but I can’t name a third one.

Wrooks:  Thats fine. Read Thursday Next series, Song of ice and fire, malazan or codex alera. THey’re way better than harry potter though four remains my ultimate favorite book under ender’s game. the one when we’re introduced to the shapeshifting dog (that’s the fourth one right?)

Void: I see, those are very interesting choices.

Wrooks: I do remember that professional writers had to put there writing to once a week when a child was born but after a certain period they let the child know that their time writing was  their time writing and it couldn’t be disturbed. I think king does it in the mourning when everyone is at work though. 4 – 1 forget.

Wrooks: Taking breaks are good but getting back on track is a good thing, In your dota suggestions and reviews what do you do to stay on track?

Void: And the funny thing is…. I seldom do. I just rely on my occasional adrenaline rush or not at all.

Wrooks: Have you ever considered doing the opposite of that: Pushing yourself when you have no adrenaline?

Void: Sometimes I do. For example, when I pestered myself to finish judging entries in CTH 26. That was also how I managed to conclude it in a surprisingly short amount of time.

Wrooks: Thats what i think a writers group is suppose to do give you energy when you have none like what cth did for you. im not in a writers group so i dont know. not gonna aim for one for another 3 years.

i want to write consistently before i involve other people

my problem is i am consistent for like 3 months than i run out of energy. the longest i ever did was from august till january. my problem is i tend to get overly excited so write 5k words a day and tire myself out by the end lol. erikson in one of his blogs says when you’re tired your suppose to fight through it not give up. thats why i feel so strongly about it. i see others being lazy like me and it makes me want to say don’t do that. hard work pays off in the end. me and jokomopo were discussing this same thing. if you want to be successful don’t look to take a shortcut put in the hardwork. Or in other words the people who don’t look for success and just try to make a living usually are successful.  except jk rowling…she had a depressive spout and won out. her over night success is rare. but harry potter is good until like book six. imo.

Void: You are a lucky one. My consistency is only for a month or so, and then I go to about 2 months of hibernation before having another hour or two of adrenaline rush, then losing it, rinse and repeat. You might want to consider the fact that it is actually legitimate to procrastinate when writing. I am not saying that it is good to procrastinate, but just that don’t blame yourself if you find yourself unwittingly procrastinate while trying to write stuff. /e

Wrooks: Well actually recently I bought a book about procrastination. it says to do things like exercise and take time to do something else but still push through. let me get it. So basically, the page I opened up on it said: “We will not coddle you, or make excuses for you to put your writing off, we will instead give you tips to stretch yourself.,” no joke thats what i opened to. So it says you have to apprentiship yourself, meaning read, write and analyze stories daily. gotta find out how to it says you should actually do that though without burning yourself out. One way is through silence, find a quiet place to be and if you can’t find that use soothing music like aromatic music. it says to do a short walk, inbetween long writing sessions, get more sleep, excercise. I just remembered a book a read a long time ago, called the art of learning. it might help i haven’t tried this. I just read it and thought it probably didn’t work but i haven’t tried it.

So basically when you set a habit you need a cue. O wait no that was to change his feelings about it nevermind. He didn’t like giving speeches so the writer (a chess master) helped him get over his feelings. Do  your parents let you buy any book you want?

Void: Yeah they do. I always preferred books on politics, and often they let me have it. Anyway, it’s true that you do need to build on a strong base to be able to write. And of course, like how your book implies, there is a way (or rather an art) to procrastinate such that it is not actually demotivating. /e

Wrooks: Because I bought another book like a year ago, i think called ‘the power of habit’  in that book it has 3 ways to create a habit, which i haven’t tried. One, change the cue, two keep the same cue but change the routine, three keep the same cue and routine but change the reward. What were you going to say?
though diary writing is integral to discovering each of those elements, i cant get my self to consistently diary write so it doesn’t help when you need that to change you cue/ routine, reward system

Void: To be honest, self-help books such as the one you read often talks about ways that are more helpful for the author himself/herself rather than readers. Not to say that these books are not helpful at all, but the amount of help they can give is quite limited. In most cases you’d be better discovering your own ways. Such is an answer you will get when you ask someone who’s philosophy is self-reliance.

Wrooks:  I dunno, it’s like Ender said in Ender’s Game, when people say certain things or I interact with other people, I learn something I hadn’t realized before. For example they gave two examples maybe three in the book. But the example i will give is the one when Ender was training his army. Basically, Ender was given a really green army, Newbie to the newbiest. Many of them didn’t even know how to use a gun (toy gun).  Any way theres a scene when hes teaching them and he says to Bean who is pretty much a self reliant person. Bean keeps coming up with answers. But hes trying to get the rest of the platoon to come up with answers only they don’t want to because they feel they’ll make a mistake. Ender says, if you don’t share your mistakes with others than noone learns. Bean is doing a service by asking questions because when it comes to an actual war its the soldier who asks questions that keeps his team from dieing other than someone who bottles things up. but bean was sent on an a punishment because he pushed ender too far, during that scene. Theres another scene where ender has a conversation with his sister about leaves falling. and it helps him defeat the main boss. (If you want to find out how you have to read it ^_0) but its not too hard to guess.

Void: Of course if that book has helped you it’s fine. However, it is important to know that not all such books can be helpful. As such, you have to disseminate info well and take what you think is the most relevant to you. /e

Wrooks:  Babies are nice but in my opinion nothing is like making them, what ideas are you in the process of creating?

Void: There’s none as of now, but I am currently awaiting the judging phase of CTH 27, of which I am a judge.

Wrooks: Keeping the idea of babies in mind, what’s the longest you have spent on a suggestion or story?
Void: For a suggestion a few hours is usually enough for me. As for a story, if I decide to write a short it could take up to 3 to 4 days. But if it’s a novel….. I regret to say that I have not finished any of what I started.

Wrooks: It all comes down to you like you said but have you tried writingexcuses.com they have a course for completing a book in a year. /e

Void:  Never heard of it, but I might learn something from it. /e

Wrooks: They do alot of theorycrafting about writing but what’s helpful is the homework assignments. Things they say are interesting also though, you can decide if it’s helpful for you since that’s how you work. By the way about reading, I found out I like books or reading things I can relate to in my personal life, even though i dream about fantasy, I like to read things that pertain to me. I don’t know if that will help you find something you like to read or not.

Void: It is already happening to me. Remember that I mentioned I am into politics and read books about it? That is because politics is something which I can largely relate to in my life, even though none of my family members has a political career. /e

Wrooks:  If you take up to reading biographies other than politicians you’ll find that alot of them have someone that took them under their wing. Tiger woods did so did michael jordan.  While alot of Jordan is also luck. For example he had bad luck because he didn’t get varsity basketball role, at first, because he was too short in the beginning. But he had alot of good luck too. growing unexpectantly, mentors, etc. people being in the right place at the right time. /e

Void: It may be some time before I actually read biographies to learn from them what I can improve. For now, I do so just to understand how they get to where they are now. /e

Wrooks: What are some general parts of a concept or idea you consider no no’s or redflags? /e

Void: You know those kind of heroes in games that are infamously dubbed ‘MMR raisers’? If my idea turns out to be something like this, I will definitely rethink a new idea.

Wrooks: Going back to the no nos earlier, what are some limitations in the process of how suggestions are suggested you wish you would change if you could?

Void: This may sound a bit illogical, but I wish to change the fact that most people are somehow forced or limited to think that their hero idea must be complicated. If you have looked at some of summer-penguin’s works, I must say that his works are a prime example of this.

The fact is, while complicatedness may be accepted about 3-4 years ago, people actually want suggestions to be simple again. Simple but innovative, that is the kind of suggestion people want to see now. /e

Wrooks: How would you make those changes? /e

Void: I like to lead by example (even though I am not active in that subforum currently). CTH 26 was a prime example. And I intend to reiterate my stand when I start to judge CTH 27. /e

Wrooks:  That is a good principle to live by, it usually promotes change (atleast in history), what other principles do you live by? (apparently you and jon mcdonald live by the same principle)

Void: There is another principle besides leading by example and self-reliance, it is to never make assumptions. It can cause a lot of misunderstandings. /e

Wrooks:  You live by some nice principles. That writing excuses actually made me want to write (even though im already doing it) Talking about changes, what hero models would you change in dota 2?

Void: I’m gonna go with the flow and say Slardar. The new Slardar simply cannot be compared with the old one. /e

Wrooks:  your one of those lol i never knew…If you were speaking to a new suggestor what advice would you give to them? /e

Void: Let your creativity take over you and find a good base to start your idea. If you think of an interesting ability or concept, be sure to create your idea based around that concept. And please, be clear with the details but don’t make it so complicated that the others could not understand the concept of your idea! /e

Wrooks:  We haven’t covered this yet, but what are your general ideas on Heroes of the storm and Lol?

Void: People can dispute over who copied from who, but it is a fact that LoL is a creation from the limitations of the Warcraft III mechanics that used to host DotA. I am not quite sure about HotS, but overall now, I think they are just three different kinds of games. /e

Wrooks: Hots is a new type of beast, it has mini games built into its objectives. Some of the heroes are not suited for dota at all though.
Void: Yep, so to reaffirm my opinion, I think these 3 games are different kinds of games.

Wrooks: Other game companies take ideas from other games and apply it to their own do you think thats a good idea for dota developers? I don’t mean just mobas; i mean all games.

Void: I know for one that LoL happened because at that time the Warcraft III mechanics were too limiting for DotA’s further development. Though I am not very sure why they chose to change the name instead of keeping the name DotA.

Anyway to answer your question, I think to some extent it is a good idea, but it should avoid crossing the line between inspiration and plagiarism. It would actually be wiser if the idea is attained from a game of a different genre rather than the same one. /e

Wrooks:  It depends on the game too for example: a ps3 basketball game wouldn’t work because of how the mechanics with the controller are integrated. /e

Wrooks: Before we go, can you tell me alittle bit about your role in FF&L?

Void: I staged the First Revival. Incredible experience, if you ask me.

Wrooks: I rarely go to FF&L so you’ll need to explain First Revival for me and anyone who might not know what it is…

Void: FF&L have been through turbulent times since PD’s birth and the greatest crisis was always the lack of people maintaining the section. It was about 2010or 2011 when ELWB (Epics and Legends Writing Battle, a short story contest) 10 was concluded and many veterans seemed to have left FF&L. We do have a chatroom in that section that many of us chatted in. FF&L feels like an isolated realm within PD itself; only the few people know and occasionally drop by.

Unfortunately, 2011 was the year when Dota 2 started to gain popularity and as such, many veterans seemed to leave this place for that. I came to that place, initially to share one of my friend’s work up there. Then I started making one myself and came to chat and know about the community there.

They talked about the good times of ELWB and at that time, I observed that there seemed to be enough people (veterans and newcomers, and especially Kriegskanzler, who has been an icon of FF&L himself, included) in FF&L so I thought why not continue that? So I did, and unexpectedly it was very well received. And in that moment after I started ELWB 11, I felt like livelihood was restored back in FF&L. That was the First Revival.

Wrooks: Lol you make it sound like  lol thats an interesting story but you make it sound like the coming of christ. lol no offense. The place seems dead now. I think suggestions and FF&L need websites of their own and not to be tailored to playdota. IMO, its an issue the mods and dev of the site refuse to acknowledge. They say it will split the community but many of the people in some of the sections have no contact what so ever and would be happier if the other section’s were not present. It’s why the MLP community is doing so great they have sites for specific sections instead of one site that tries to fulfill every need, It’s dota’s greatest downfall. The comp scene and strategy are covered by other sections really playdota now is just for casuals with stragglers in FF&L or suggestions and other sections. The second biggest area are balance debates, world debates, and real chat. Every other section needs its own site imo.

Void: Yes indeed, many things happened to FF&L after that first revival, but eventually downfall is still inevitable. But I don’t think every section needs its own site. /e

Wrooks: Sections that need to be on its own

Statistics and questionaires



Competitive (covered by dota liquid, join, and dota cinema)

Modding (moddota)

Youtube sections (dota2portal, dota cinema)

strategy (dotafire)

coaching (dotaportal)



(thats all i can think of.)

Void: Among the sections you listed, I think some can remain in the main site. Stats and questions, suggestions, competitive, strategies, and news as well.

Wrooks: They’re not big enough to warrent their own section and  its good to have your own identity sometimes

Void: I prefer to think otherwise. PD is a discussion for general DotA, so you can’t really let go of the more important aspects of DotA. Competitive chat is actually well-maintained all these years, while people still discuss the legitimacy of teams and their strategies, as well as their opinions of casters. Suggestions is actually a necessity because unlike FF&L, people are more likely to think of ideas, even trivial ones, to suggest. The importance of strategies is even more so, even though many have complained that their threads have been unreasonably moved away from there, it still houses some legitimate strategy discussions and hero guides as well. News could be dismissed, though. Even though I see the importance of news, it has been rather poorly updated. /e

Wrooks: Idunno, I don’t mind suggestions being in pd but i still think there needs to be a site dedicated solely to suggestions and nothing else. Anyway, i’ve kept you long enough

and, its been alot of questions. Let me end with a thank you for letting me interview you.

Void: Thank you very much for having me here.

Wrooks: No problem

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