The 7.23 “Outlanders” Update Of Dota 2 Completely Changes The Whole Game
Wrath Barrier" / moderate defense, low backlash, feeds on mana. | Fantasy  concept art, Art, Magic art

So, I was watching dream league today and I noticed that the pro players didn’t use the outposts. So I started thinking on how we can get Outpost usage bigger. I noticed that Outpost usage wasn’t that big. One idea was that before you can take the tier three or tier four towers you need atleast one out post claimed. Then before you can take the throne, you need to have captured both Outposts. Also maybe to have had it captured for five minutes.  What will this do to the game. It will make it more strategic. It will also increase the duration of the match.  Lastly, it will increase the end game planning.

Outposts need to provide more strategic value in order to be played more. But this will not increase the mid and early level play for this building.

2560x1440 dazzle #dota 2 wallpaper
Wallpaper pink, magic, the game, dota 2, priest, dazzle images for desktop,  section игры - download
The Art of 4th Edition: Ralph Horsley | My Girlfriend is a DM
Mass Resurrection by ChaoyuanXu on DeviantArt
Holy Angel - Fantasy & Abstract Background Wallpapers on Desktop Nexus  (Image 1817542)
Healing Hands | Healing hands, Art, Healing magic

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