what you need to know before playing 13v13 Dota2

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The object of this thread is to discuss 10 vs 10 and my ideas on how to improve the gameplay aspect of that mode.

I.01 Overview

Top view of ancient temple, jungle, artwork, digital art, fantasy art HD  wallpaper | Wallpaper Flare

10 vs 10 is by far a really hard mode to play and that’s because it is so disorganized at least since I last played dota. So with this article I hope to improve that.

I.02 Top and Bottom Lane’

Top lane 1O1 : summonerschool

Top lane can either be 3 v 3, 3 v 2, 2 vs 2, 1vs1,3vs1 or 2vs1. Nothing has really changed here.

I.03 Mid Lane
Mid lane has changed there is now the possibility of an extra unit hanging out there during the beginning stages of the game

I.04 Gankers or Prowlers

Roaming Basics - DOTABUFF - Dota 2 Stats

This area of the game has drastically changed. As of now, a ganker is either 1 to 3 people that attack a lane. In 12 vs 12 it can be 3 players that stay together throughout the beginning of the game to attack lanes and jungles and anticipate antiganks

See Drow is a prowler not a carry. frost arrows and gust are used to keep enemies in a certain distance. and to slow them and keep them silenced until you team dispatches them.

I.07 Assassins

HD wallpaper: Dota 2 Phantom Assassin digital wallpaper, mortred, art,  fantasy | Wallpaper Flare

A wind walker or someone like clockwork or pudge that takes out people who are too far away to deal with low hp like drow.

I.07 Main Jungler

Images DOTA 2 Enchantress Treant Protector Nature's 1920x1080

Main jungler role didn’t change except now they take in less experience because they have a side jungler with them but it will protect them against prowlers.

Also Junglers have to check the river to gank the midlaner and the prowler when they go for items.

I.07 The two types of Windwalkers

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There are two types of windwalkers. On the left side there is the ones that scout out battles and potential ambushes. The second type assassinates enemies.

I.07 Side Junglers or Wildling

Broodmother - Lycosidae's Favor | Dota 2 Mods

Loadingscreen I made for our Lich set, hope you like it! : DotA2

There are two side junglers per team. A side jungler take turns taking the damage and attacking the creeps but allows the main jungler to get the gold.

The only two main items he gets is Hand of midas and Helm of the Denominator

Helm so you can have a creep take damage some times

Song of the Blue Bird - Windranger #Dota2 | Fantasy art, Dota 2, Game  concept art
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and hand of midas so you get items to participate in planned battles. These items can be given away after the main hero gets his items and then you shop for what you need to get.

Tiny: The Perennial Giant Wallpaper, more:  http://dota2walls.com/tiny/tiny-the-perennial-giant-wallpaper
Kết quả hình ảnh cho leshrac dota 2 | Dota 2, World of warcraft, Warcraft

I know all about wildings because i like antimage and hes the main jungler because he needs to farm the big camps. It’s just that he can’t bring his creep with him when he farms. Anyway he’s a main jungler because he just farms while broodmother or leshrac protects him. Leshrac needs to be redesigned so he can actually protect antimage. And broodmother’s webs need to be redesigned to help characters like antimage.

Artifact 2.0 beta footage shows Hero Draft mode plus new mechanics

Another thing is antimage needs to come in the lane sometimes. thats what most antimage players get wrong about him. once he gets ring of health he can come in a lane farm up and get a kill.

I.08 Guardians or Roamers

Steam Workshop :: Earthshaker Portrait - Poster | Dota 2 wallpapers hd, Dota  2 wallpaper, Art
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Usually the best player and the leader, this dynamic duo can either stay in lane or drifts around protecting their teammates from the prowlers.

A.01 Squad Commentators

Owen Davies (@ODPixel) | Twitter

Keeps track of players within the different I. groups within article during matches
A.02 Main event Commentators
This type of commentator keeps track of the entire match

A.03 Public Commentators
Self Explanatory: nothing really to say, if matches become organized enough like in Starcraft commentary can be made for public matches

A.04 Selecting Commentators
1. Language
2. Squad

D.01 More Spells

Shift button | Accountants Accelerator

More spells is simple just use “r” or “q” to change what spells can be used. For example q+w could be spell 5 while a + w could be spell 1

D.02 Mid & Late Game

Dota 2 Anti Mage by nahnahnivek on deviantART | Dota 2, Dota 2 game, Dota 2  wallpaper
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Mid to late game is a whole different ballpark. During this time Squads should split up into four groups with 1 player in each squad collecting farm and the other players, in the squad, defending the farmer.

Concluding Remarks
This is just the tip of the iceberg, i have other plans and as far as these tactics go, I hope they get implemented

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