Jokomopo (part 2)

Jokomopo: I have a “random google of the day” thing I do where I just google something and learn about it for the day, every day

Jokomopo: Well, not weird for ME, but for my friends I guess its a little wierd but they accept me so I can’t really complain šŸ˜›

Wrooks: what did you google yesterday since its the 19th where I am

Jokomopo: I googled “Where the phrase “A dime a dozen” came from”

Jokomopo: and it was interesting. I’m not gonna tell you šŸ˜› GO google it and find out for yourself šŸ˜€

Wrooks: im not good at google so Ill leave that for you; What are some of your philosophies?

Jokomopo: Um…. ‘Life is about the people you choose to share it with” “Everyone’s crazy, people just hide and show it differently” , “Things that make you an individual are important and you should always keep those”

Jokomopo: Those are the big 3 I think

Wrooks: those seem like good ones to live by….Some people find inspiration from music do you?

Jokomopo: Inspiration for my dota heroes? No. Inspiration for my writing, yes.

Wrooks: What do you write about?

Jokomopo: Everything.

Wrooks: So, like a journal type of thing, have you heard of Brandon Sanderson’s

Jokomopo: no

Jokomopo: what’s that about?

Wrooks: google it

Wrooks: =D

Jokomopo: šŸ˜€

Jokomopo: Sure

Wrooks: anyway onto to the next question

Wrooks: Taking breaks are good but getting back on track is a good thing, In your dota suggestions and reviews what do you do to stay on track?

Jokomopo: um… I don’t know. I don’t really get off track to be honest. I try and do my reivews in one sitting

Jokomopo: but for my suggestions

Jokomopo: I guess I just keep at it

Jokomopo: Like, I carry notepads wherever I go

Wrooks: you must be a serious writer then

Jokomopo: SO I can work on them whenever

Jokomopo: I like to think that I am

Wrooks: What are some of the thoughts that run through your mind when you review a suggestion?

Jokomopo: Is it OP? Is it worth reviewing? What’s wrong with it? What does it synergise with? How can this hero help me improve? and so on

Wrooks: last question, what ideas are you in the process of creating?

Jokomopo: None at the moment. I’ve taken a break from suggesting stuff because I’ve got some deadlines that I have to focus on right now. but I would like to create a nice support, something that I haven’t done yet. I’m not very happy with some of my previous suggestions

Jokomopo: I think I really like… 4 of them

Jokomopo: the rest have huge holes in their gameplay

Wrooks: can you go into more detail?

Jokomopo: I probably only REALLY like Farheit and Koncuct. I think Xhi, Sulue, Val + Nino and Atios are ok too but they have problems and I hate Jivv, Thesimis and Javier

Wrooks: I see will you do anything to reboot the ones you think need fixing?

Jokomopo: Probably. I’m not going to do anything about Jivv though because I seriously just hate him. I wasn’t very passionate about the hero in the first place and it was for a Shaper’s Challenge.

Wrooks: I’ll have to look at that one…I don’t think I’ve ever had hate for a suggestion…mine or others.  Well its been a lot of questions, lets end with a thank you for letting me interview you.

Jokomopo: No problem

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