Orion Interview (Full Interview)

Names of interviewer and intervee have been altered at both parties expense

Constellation: Lets start with, Can you tell me a little about yourself for anyone who might not know you?(gaming and dota History)

OrionsShield: kay, im OrionsShield, thats O_x flat and the D rotated 90 degrees. I have one good and one bad eye and im happy. Started out dota i think on 6.49, first hero i played was crystal maiden with sange and yasha and eul’s scepter recipes. Back then i didnt even know how to level up my abilities. I’ve been playing dota since then and improved a lot. Now im your average dota player. I dont play other multiplayer games than dota, but i do enjoy single player games like call of duty and portal were my most recent ones.

Constellation: Suggesting is fun and all but have you ever considered any other parts of the dota scene such as the proscene,  shoutcasting or video making? In other words, Dota has many other areas in its world a player could be a part of, what brought you to the suggestions forum?

OrionsShield: When i registered to playdota.com i did it so i can make fun of other people’s suggestions. I also made a few(at first bad) suggestions for fun. Never really took it seriously. Now i just suggest to change stuff that is bugging me currently, like the imba flak cannon AoE. I followed the proscene closely until recently, now i kind off lost interest and just follow some parts of it. Im not good enough to get into is as a player, nor shoutcaster/video maker. Im more of a mechanics guy.

Constellation: can you elaborate alittle about your ill feelings with flak cannon?

OrionsShield: It has 1000 AoE 360 degrees around gyrocopter, and i feel its imbalanced cus with it he is sure that he will hit everyone in a fight no matter where he is positioned, i mean cmon thats doesnt require skill. At least now the cooldown is nerfed so it cant be used for farming. My suggestion was that either it hit units only infront of gyto(180 degrees) or in an area arount the target, tho its pretty ok after the cooldown nerf.

Constellation: I seem to get that alot people who problems with gyrocopter or drow or pa, are there any other heroes you feel need some work?

OrionsShield: treant definatly needs to be reverted to his old self. I mean not the old one when living armor was passive, i mean the one older than that where his ulti did damage and he had those owls, or even the older one when he had tree wards. The new remakes of treant turned him into a 1 skill hero, he just uses living armor(no need to get in position or anything) and his team wins. so treant is the main one.

OrionsShield: also midnight pulse really needs a buff

Constellation: we’re talking about alot of things you dislike about these heroes but what do you really enjoy about Treant, enigma and gyro?

OrionsShield: the new treant, nothing, he is boring as hell.

OrionsShield: Enigma is a very nice hero with the most powerful spell in the game. Tho people tend to mistake enigma for black hole. Message to all: ENIGMA ISN’T BLACK HOLE. He is pushing and map controll. Black hole is a bonus.

OrionsShield: Gyro, his ultimate is nice but people make him a boring carry. I see gyrocopter as a roaming semi-support initiation hero that transition into a semi-carry if needed. His stun is really good if used properly

Constellation: so who are your favorite heroes

OrionsShield: Enigma, batrider and ursa warrior

OrionsShield: all jungling

Constellation: besides enigma what are things you dislike about bat rider and ursa?

OrionsShield: I dont really dislike anything about them. They are both versatile and fun to play, yet balanced in a way.

Constellation: Do consider Strategy Guides and Commentaries by players like Tobiwon and Luminous a good source for conceptualizing ideas?

OrionsShield: Tobi didnt win anything. Anyways no, ideas should be 100% original and spontanious.

Constellation: Thats not what I asked? I was wondering if seeing whats the pitfalls and weaknesses and strengths of other heroes and hero combos is a good starting place to get inspiration?

Constellation: o I read it wrong my bad

Constellation: haha

OrionsShield: See, everyone gets ideas differently. I get my ideas when im trying to sleep and then build a concept around those ideas, wether is strategies for dota, suggestions, or school essays. That is better for me than sitting infront of a piece of paper and forcing myslef to think in a way. I also like to draw out my ideas.

Constellation: i see

Constellation: can you tell me about your latest idea? and what dream prompted its creation?

OrionsShield: My latest idea was i think for CTH 25. Its a hero that can use a spell without it going on cooldown, but if he doesnt use it in the window that he has it goes on a longer cooldown for each cast.

OrionsShield: The next day i opened the contest, saw the challenge and based my hero around that

OrionsShield: Chances that he will be implemented: 0/5% mby

OrionsShield: 0.5*

Constellation: Can you tell me about the dream tat prompted that suggestion?

OrionsShield: It wasnt a dream. I went to bed after i played robot unicorn attack and it popped into my head before i fell asleep. Its hard to fall asleep in this heat.

Constellation: you said ideas have to be 100% original? have you ever considered that there are only like 25 original spells in dota atm? the rest are rehashes of those spells

Constellation: take batrider

OrionsShield: Ideas need to be original, not spells. If you get a concept that doesnt exist in dota, even if he has voodoo or impale its still original.

Constellation: no no take batrider

OrionsShield: The concept behind batrider is a hero that takes out another hero

OrionsShield: His spells are maybe copies of other spells but only he is able to take a guy and pull him out of a fight(force)

Constellation: fine then lets take drow she is just a mix of viper and clinkz

Constellation: and gondar fits the concept of batrider then

OrionsShield: She is a classic hero, not a new addition. Also she is very far from clinkz. Clinkz kills a hero and escapes, drow, like viper, deals as much damage as she can until she dies

Constellation: hes ment to take out another hero

OrionsShield: Gondar cant force a hero out of a fight without killing him

OrionsShield: Can gondar take the 4500 hp doom bringer out of a fight? hell no. Batrider can

Constellation: actually yea he can with the right build

Constellation: but that goes for anyhero

OrionsShield: ot the point

OrionsShield: not*

OrionsShield: gondar’s concept is getting extra gold mainly

OrionsShield: doom bringer also gets extra gold, but thats not his concept

Constellation: lets take a break from suggestions, what are some of your hobbies?

Constellation: besides

Constellation: dota

OrionsShield: I ride bycicles a lot recently. Its a way to get myself outside. I started out 3d modeling recently, and i learn programming during the winter.

Constellation: seems like your doing alot of stuff to become a game designer

Constellation: is that one of your aspirations

OrionsShield: yes and no. I would like someday to make a living from programming, but not necesarly game design. Right now i dont have plans for the future, and i never want to have any. The future is unpredictable and plans lead to disapointments

Constellation: I see so your a spur of the moment kind of guy/girl?

OrionsShield: More like “go with the flow, and see where you end up”. I rarely make changes, and when i do it ends up badly.

Constellation: I see, you said you learned programming, have you ever picked up the world editor or galaxy editor?

OrionsShield: no, the most proggraming i have done in a real programing language is a game of tic-tac-toe

OrionsShield: for a school project

Constellation: would you consider picking up the world editor?

OrionsShield: Maybe if im bored or have too much time on my hands. I already have a concept for a first map but i think its too late for wc3. Maybe in dota 2’s custom map editor when they have one

OrionsShield: also when i practiced programming i made this

OrionsShield: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/2509604/

OrionsShield: that was in the early days when i was still getting used to the concept of doing stuff step by step

Constellation: interesting game

OrionsShield: the fact that it starts with a play again button suggests its badly done

Constellation: your game is interesting and hard dont know the purpose though seems random

Constellation: Anyway, I’m hoping for a better editor then world and galaxy combined, what are you hoping the dota 2 editor does?

OrionsShield: for the dota 2 editor, im hoping its simple, easy to use to the point where everyone can mae a map from a concept. I think and hope that a second resource is implemented, other than gold, cus many mods require that. I hope they have triggers that are really easy to use, and to understand. I would hate to spend like 3 weeks trying to learn their custom programming language before i can make a simple trigger, just use a modified C++ GOD DAMNIT

Constellation: I differ, I feel they should cater to all avenues of creation… model creation, art creation…animation creation….item creation….programming for experts (probably a modified c++) and modding for people who dont want to deal with all of the programming but want to create an effective hero/item/map. Also terrain creation for people who want to make terrain.

Constellation: maybe even video but that might be taking it too far

Constellation: for people who cant afford photoshop/sony vegas pro/maya/etc

OrionsShield: terrain and item creation are standards. The programming should include a whole new programming language as i said, for models and animations there are other programs which even valve uses.

OrionsShield: “The programming should include” shouldn’t

Constellation: i no there are other programs like maya and 3ds max but not everyone can afford them. heck some gaming companies cant even afford them ideally a program that would make that creation easier would be ideal. but I usually set my standards high for a company when they do something like this

OrionsShield: maya and 3dmax are high end programs. I use blender and im satisfied with it.

Constellation: forgot about blender…. I used 3ds max in school and it was much easier imo, but also alot different mechanics wise.

Constellation: each caters to a different audience and when I say that I don’t mean free vs expensive

OrionsShield: i havent tried any other programs than blender, cus i havent modeled enough to know what is good and what isn’t. For now blender is doing its job fine and im stickin to it till i find a flaw.

Constellation: so your advocate of blender can you send me a screenshot of what you have made in blender?

OrionsShield: http://i.imgur.com/RbqPpo3.jpg

OrionsShield: its a crate

OrionsShield: i also made a yellow submarine that i saved

OrionsShield: lots of little stuff like flag poles and shit that i didnt save

Constellation: nice

Constellation: how many hows did it take you?

Constellation: hours

OrionsShield: the crate, like 45 minutes cus its just a box. The submarine took me at least three times that

Constellation: good job man

Constellation: What in your opinion are some of the best suggestions on the forums excluding your own and mine from that list?

OrionsShield: I personally think the best concept on the entire forum is verus the white sage’s first ability.

OrionsShield: I really love the idea of “the spirit and the body” and im glad it got implemented in a way.

Constellation: can you explain it for anyone not familiar

OrionsShield: the ability is, basicly, the spirit gets out of the body. It has flying movement, extra movespeed and all abilities of the hero, but cant attack. The spirit takes the same damage as the body which is a downside since if an AoE skill hits both the body and the spirit it deals double damage. When the ability is cast the body remains motionless untill it ends or is canceled. The spirit can only go a set distance from the body and takes time to come back.

Constellation: o kinda like tauren cheiftains skill?

OrionsShield: This didnt get implemented as it is, but elder titan(TC?) got a similar skill, and just to make it clear this suggestion is before TC was implemented.

OrionsShield: yeah just what i said

Constellation: Yea i’ve been recording old skills that are just collecting dust in the forums and putting it in one thread for reuse(taking awhile alot of suggestions) anyway. I bring this up because it seems that icefrog takes alot of suggestions and changes them before implementing them.

Constellation: Or it appears that way

OrionsShield: he does. Duel is also a suggested ability, but cant remember the hero. It was a gnoll

Constellation: i see

OrionsShield: http://www.playdota.com/forums/showthread.php?t=288348

OrionsShield: found the original duel

Constellation: nice

Constellation: What do you think of the shaper’s challenge?

OrionsShield: What is the shaper’s challenge, i havent heard of it(or i didnt pay attention to it)

Constellation: I forget you hangout in the items section here let me link it

Constellation: http://www.playdota.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1347724

OrionsShield: so its like a short therm complete the hero. That doesnt need all that judging time. I like the idea, and if icefrog pays attention to the suggestions forum it has a chance to get some of the heroes there noticed and build new heroes around their concepts(or build new concepts around one of their skills as he tends to do). Its a good idea, whoever came up with it, good job. To the participants: keep it up. Hope it lives longer than other concepts i have seen(hero makers rings a bell)

Constellation: what hero model would you change in dota 2?

OrionsShield: man this is hard

OrionsShield: they are all so good

OrionsShield: i would proably change troll warlord if i could

OrionsShield: i miss the old green troll with a brown mowhawk

OrionsShield: that glowed red when angry

OrionsShield: i mean, what kind of troll glows blue when angry?

OrionsShield: so yea, troll

Constellation: If you suggested someone for me to interview next who would it be?

OrionsShield: i cam pick anyone?

OrionsShield: can*

Constellation: yea

OrionsShield: kevin olusola

OrionsShield: talk him into revealing his secrets

Constellation: never heard of him

Constellation: someone on the forums

OrionsShield: well

OrionsShield: u heard of foede?

OrionsShield: foede is awesome, do him

Constellation: yea

Constellation: k

Constellation: one last question

OrionsShield: yup?

Constellation: if you gave advice to a new person who reviews suggestions what would it be?

OrionsShield: First of all play some dota, learn how the game works.

OrionsShield: After you have done that, just say what you think about the suggestion

OrionsShield: And never go easy on people, be honest

OrionsShield: But

OrionsShield: There are exceptions to that rule

Constellation: can you explain?

OrionsShield: When you are in a contest(CTH, ICC, etc..)

OrionsShield: And the guy you are reviewing is your competition

OrionsShield: Either bash his item so hard he loses motivation

OrionsShield: Or give him suggestions on how to make it “better”

OrionsShield: thats itTop of Form

Constellation: Well its been alot of questions, lets end with a thank you for letting me interview you.

OrionsShield: Thank you for chosing me, out of plenty of other people, Peace 😀

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