In the shoes of Hoodwink

HD wallpaper: Playing the flute, clip art of a woman holding wind instrument  | Wallpaper Flare

Hoodwink is the newest hero to join the fray. She is in my opinion, major competition for windrunner and a good ally for her also. She is a major disabler and in the right hands a unstoppable force. She has a lot going on for her and will probably replace Windrunner because windrunner is an outdated version of hood.

Hood is by far a really fun hero. She is the type of hero that setups skirmishes. She does this with the abilty acorn shot. It can stun up to six units (people) at a time. It bounces around hitting players and computer controlled creeps. You can place a tree down to setup a shackle shot or a bushwhack. 

Bushwhack is a superior shackleshot that traps any creep or hero that it comes in contact with.  It’s a good ability coupled with scurry. Just shackle enemy chasers and you have some time to evade.

Scurry is windrun without all the messiness. It is good for evasion and good for fleeing or chasing.

Sharpshooter her ultimate is a vector type channeling ability that allows her to deal lethal damage when it connects to an enemy.