learning teamwork remake

There are among everything a few heroes that need to be talked about that will remake the game. The game is great its just that it takes too much effort to establish teamwork. Team work is when all the players work as a unified whole to die, resurrect and skirmish at the right time.

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There are many heroes that can work towards teaching teamwork to the team. One of those heroes is enchantress and chen. They have to be on a team with captured creatures. Any hero like this is worth teaching teamwork.

Another hero that can teach teamwork is clockwork. Clockwork Is a machine and when machines work together they can do things human and animals cannot do.

Io I don’t want to explain what IO is. He is a celestial being and sort of already teaches teamwork. He just doesn’t teach good teamwork. In an ideal world he would teach better teamwork.

Legion commander is also another hero that should teach teamwork but teaches selfishness.  Take duel it is most often used to take the key hero or weakest hero instead of being saved for the right time.

All birds fly as a group when traveling long distance and have a formation. I have no idea how they have a formation. Winter Wyvern and  Phoenix are both ariel creatures and should teach teamwork.

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MIrana  and luna communicates with the moon and even has stars fall and light beams at their command. I can’t explain what these hero do.

Sniper is a different type of teamwork. Like Windrunner, lina and crystal maiden its his job to show up at the right time. And protect heroes by killing off their killers. I say Lyralei, lina and rylai need to do this because they were separated and that’s all the story explains. Your imagination goes places and imagines that they fought each other from a distance and then even learned to be a team from a distance.

Weaver is an ant or water bug or something. Bugs are perfect creatures and have their function in society. They work as a team and do all sorts of things together like clean each other. Brood mother is another team player she just not built right.

Hoodwink might have taken care of wind runner to be honest. I am not sure they are too similar.

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Jakiro and Ogre magi both have two heads and one body. For two creatures that grow up with two heads they have to learn how to communicate and work as a team. I don’t want anything like what blizzard did with two players controlling one character but those two heroes should teach team work.

Techies is a team of three that makes munitions. The hero should be remade to teach teamwork from a distance and not just explode things and create awkward moments.

Queen is one hero that I think is really good. She doesn’t teach teamwork but she sings or screams she knows how to communicate. Good communicators are vital to creating teamwork.

Death prophet and natures both communicate using their tools. Plants communicate using pheromones. Ghosts can be a vital tool to communication or team work. that’s something the game can teach..

Snapfire is  a grandma. Grandmas know how to communicate and be on a team.

Grimstroke is a writer and writers communicate between the past and the present by linking them together.