Hero Idea from back in the day

This hero idea is an idea where the hero loses mana when the summonables she owns are attacked. Thx to hiveworkshop for training me to make this ability in Jass. Those members are Xaerox, nichilus, solu9, kobas, maraunkilom, bribe, and nestharus. I just forgot everything I was taught because its been ten years since I had this idea for dota. And, jass doesn’t exist anymore or is being remade. Alls I remember is that I had to make a damage detection system. I got the idea from having magina be his own antimage. and its pronounced “megan nah” not “vagina” you’re messing up someones culture when you pronounce megana that way. And if someone pronounces it that way its because they don’t know any better or they’re making fun of you for not being apart of their culture.