Evasion and Anti-evasion system Remake

Butterfly’s problem is that it is countered the wrong way. It is countered by a percentage of chance instead of a percentage of damage. It should be that way because MKB was a good item when it dealt 100 damage, It was just too strong without certain counters and that’s Butterflies job. They should counter each other.

Difference between Tax Evasion and Tax Avoidance

What i mean is that MKB should lower the amount of damage you deal when you come in contact with evasion items instead of lowering the chance that evasion happens. It’s hard to explain what these thoughts are. Basically if a mkb user deals 300 damage to a non-butterfly user; the mkb user should deal 200 damage to a butterfly user. This includes their bonus damage.

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But the butterfly user should have a hard time being killed by non-butterfly users. The original system was good it just didn’t give any leeway for dealing with mkb users.

Also there needs to be a truestrike radius and evasion radius hero.