Leer — idea for 3 aghs heroes

This Ability needs to be made three to five times called

  1. Leer
  2. Insight
  3. cognizance
  4. decernment
  5. farsight
  6. acumen
  7. sagacity
  8. acuity

so what do i want to do with this idea. have it where we give a fifth or sixth ability or even a seventh ability to every ally and enemy on the map when the leer holder learns the leer ability.

For example antimage can learn the ability below or he can learn a totally new ability. It would add more variety to the game. The downnfall is it would increase the learning ceiling or whatever its called. Some people find using abilities and spells fun and these are the people i support with this idea.

If provided to both teams it will make a nice addition to the heroes arsenal and if three heroes have this ability then the game can still have a good match where two heroes get banned and a third one survives. These heroes an be banned to save space in the game.

Imagine have it where a player has 5 to 7 innate abilities and have 2 aghs item abilities and 3 hero aghs abilities given in the game. If the game had 25 abilities i would love the game even more. The only issue with this idea is invoker he has a ton of abilities and i have no idea how aghs heroes or items will influence him.