Slipstream and skiing reimagined

Stupid Man Tricks – Slick Moves, Edition! | Funny gif, Bones funny, Funny  pictures

I slipped on the ice a couple weeks ago while taking out luggage my family wanted me to take out. and afterwards i remember as a child that I saw on a cartoon an avalanche falling after someone sung. i just don’t remember what cartoon..

I want this for drow and lina and crystal maiden but i have no idea how to do it right. I have no idea how fire can do this sort of thing.

For crystal maiden i want her to allow an ally to move like void’s astral step and she can use her voice to control the ally and the ability can be called Xuebeng. For lina and drow i don’t know how i want them to slip around. I am thinking a mixture between Weaver’s Shukuchi and Astral step,