Stunlock and Anti-stunlock System

In the past I covered, an item that temporarily disabled stunlock. Stunlock is using abilities like Stormbolt, shacklshot, and hellfire blast all in succession. There are plenty of stuns in the game with many ways to stun. I love the idea of disabling stunlock, but the option needs to be on two heroes rather than an item.

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An item is available to everyone. If the idea was two, or three heroes, than you could ban the heroes to keep it out of the game. For example, if you wanted your team to play pudge, and troll warlord. Those two heroes require a lot of chain stunning to take them out. There are other heroes that are on this list but these are the two main culprits.

This game is almost like chess, we’re just missing a few elements, and the game has a few misplaced elements. This idea was an idea from Playdota. Now that the site is down, I have no idea who suggested the idea. Also this idea can be made by manipulating the basic elements of the game. Which is like stunning, feedback, silencing etc and doing the opposite or altering it. The opposite of a stun is a anti-stun but anti-stun is cheap when the player should try to get rid of stunlock instead of several coordinated stuns.

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That brought about thinking about a better way to stop chain stunning. That idea is not an item like was suggested on Playdota. No that idea is to stop chain stunning with a button press to interrupt chain stunning.

Then I thought of a better idea. You have the option of disarming or stopping spells when you or an ally are attacked. It’s just that you need your whole team to coordinate it correctly.

This idea is good for when that team is stacked and they have this item. Killing them might be all but impossible. Sometimes Stunlock is the only thing to kill certain heroes. Sometime Stunlock can be the table turner in games that you would otherwise lose.

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If this was implemented though it would have to apply to all disables and skills such as poison or Kunkkas XMAS skill. If it was just stuns It would make the game missing essential balance. But that would also be implementing a system that did the opposite. Elongating stuns and Countering Anti-stunlock. It’s a lot to think about. Implementing some things could really change the game.