Item System Recovery #2

The Matrix's Red Pill Is the Internet's Delusional Drug

Item system needs to be remade also. I don’t want to explain my original idea. But I don’t have another idea. It came from the need of having too many options in the game that are not cost effective. The only way to get enough money is to solve an algorithm. But a better idea can be made. Just remove the gold completely. It’s the source of the game’s real issues. People just don’t know how to get the game to give them the right amount of gold. For people solving algorithms its cheating because normal people play this game and the normal people do not know how to solve algorithms. I can’t explain how to achieve this because I found out by accident a couple months ago. Additionally, I’m am not going to explain how to find this out. Players just have to explore the game, and they need to do what the professionals don’t show you. The game really should have the shop keeper bug every player with options every five minutes. I have no idea how many options because with this idea I am eliminating one of the fun parts of the game: Figuring out what items to buy, but people like premade options anyway so the developers might as well take away gold and then premade options will make sense.

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