Berserker’s Call item idea

An item that would be beneficial to have in the game is an item with the berserker’s call active. It would be a popular item on melee strength heroes and specialty heroes like troll warlord.

The purpose of berserker’s call is to force enemies to attack the person activating the item. It might not land a kill all the time. But it would be useful in doing other things other than killing.

One thing it is useful for is for dodging death. A team mate can use it to disable death in the right circumstance. This circumstance is when being attacked or chased. An enemy can be disabled and forced to attack the item holder when chasing a hero who is weaker than themselves.

Another way to use it is for heroes like troll and abaddon. Abaddon regens health when attacked.. Troll warlord gets attackspeed the longer he attacks. Just use this item at the right time and you have a victory play.