Entry 3

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Have it where people can customize their keys more we need more shift keys for Dota

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Silencer shouold have three abilities.

  1. THe ability to gain mana or temporary intelligence when and enemy or ally loses mana
  2. .He should also absorb and repel magic
  3. .His ultimate Global silence should be a radius of 3000 silence that is called Suppression or Supress

I have a bigger idea than simply choosing before the match, that is only the beginning. The idea is split into two ideas. Both ideas get their own paragraph.

Idea 1: Basically pick six heroes you would want to play and then the game goes to the normal screen and you ban enemy choices and pick whats remaining from your own choices. Each hero gets six choices because some team might ban all their heroes.

Idea #2: Basically you take all the heroes in the game and make them into personalities. Then you take their abilities and have the player pick the set second. Pick the ability set first then pick the skin, I have no idea how bans work in this playstyle

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So I thought of an idea. What if there was a basic item that made nulls, bracer and wraith band into purchases that provide a radius presence.