Entry 6

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Void Spirit is the new Dota 2 hero at The International 2019 - DOTA2 News -  WIN.gg

Void spirit is a decent hero his only problem is that he doesn’t fulfill what was promised in the trailer sneak peak of his release. He captured the hearts of many players when he was implemented. But seeing ghosts wasn;’t apart of his gameplay for some reason. Thats why i was hyped to play him to see how the team would implement seeing the ghosts.

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Slyrak the Ember

After this battle in the episode fire sermon i realized the game had nineteen items it needed but doesn’t have. Like searing arrows for archers or as the anime calls it dragons scale tips and berserkers call for tanks.

But i can only remember those two. there was like better items the game needed but i forgot them and don’t remember what i was thinking. And alot of items need to be changed to fit the new heroes and better adjust to old hero changes. Items for strategic purposes. Personal chronosphere and when i say personal i don’t mean your own think void spirit where you can place the bubble anywhere and block incoming abilities and ranged attacks

It also had items it needed to take out. Also some items don’t even function properly like Skadi.

Well im on the nova level on brutal without playing the raynor level on brutal. It took me two days but i finally got somewhere in this game. It was fun and i wish they had kept the wall. It was an interesting tidbit that caused you to think about where else to go,

This game took on a metal gear solid type of feel with this entry and i hope they add the briefings before, during and after matches to heroes of the storm matches. Where they tell the players how to interact with the game better. I don’t play much heroes of the storm i just don’t know why i get randomly shot sometimes. The only thing i remember from my friend beating it is the character that is like a commander with the laseen hair from Malazan Empire series.

They changed scepter. The heroes problems is silken bola and insatiable hunger. Spiderlings and Spin Web were decent abilities. Now i don’t know. I tried my old brood mother techies strategy and it failed completely. I don’t have enough webs or power to cover half of the map.

How i used her is that i would defend the base and let my allies go on the offensive or i would web the enemy base and surprise attack the enemy. Now, I couldn’t do that because of the web limit.

Snare is a nice concept it just impacts elements that make her situational and it’s not an enjoyable ability unless it is at a high level of play. At the lower levels farming is near impossible to achieve.

Overall her gameplay is the same. Attack for awhile spit at an enemy. And silken bola’s problem is it feels like spiderlings. Insatiable hunger’s problem is it isn’t useful against stuns and over 50% of the heroes are used to stun.