Entry 5

ArtStation - Dota 2: Battle at Mid, Stephen Stark
DOTA2 The Bounty Hunter Gondar by biggreenpepper on deviantART | Dota 2  wallpaper, Dota 2 hd wallpaper, Dota 2

The first idea is to replace his critical strike with an ability called Padfoot..

Padfoot reveals surrounding enemies for a duration and makes illusions of allies who are are out of range.
Its called padfoot for three reasons. One its just track renamed and remade. Next it’s mirrored after a game every child plays Hide

and Go seek, red light green light and tag. The third reason is because there are not too many heroes that reveal enemies. and he’s a bounty hunter, Lastly, its named after pet owners when that play catch with their pet because the animal has to track the toy. Bounty Hunter’s ability Track and Shuriken Toss are ok as they are. I gave him some more teamwork that could replace the critical strike and the Shadow Walk. Then I thought of a way to counter my weaver play legally. and the only thing i could think of is giving him templar assassins psionic projection but couldn’t think of anything

ArtStation - Dota 2 - Crystal Maiden Frost Avalanche, Flyan Tan
Nova kerrigan GIF - Find on GIFER

An idea I am obsessed with is making Crystal Maiden into a frost sniper. All her spells will remain the same with a few animation changes. She will still be a frost hero but she will have more edge to her. It would be nice if the frost sniper was a personality of crystal maiden

I want to go over the additional abilities idea. There are a total of nine I want in the game, and the abilities are broken into five categories: Skills, Ultimates, Talents, Gifts, and Flares. Skills are abilities that get updated every level. The ultimate is the single ability that gets updated once every 6th level. Talents are the ones that get updated every fifth level after level 10. Gifts are abilities and upgrades provided by items. Flares are abilities that dont exist right now. They are abilities provided by an ally or enemy.

Giftss come in two parts right now scepter and shard, Unlike flares, Gifts can alter an existing ability,

The game should start with six abilities on each hero. One ultimate and five regular skills. A unique thought is to have the five regular abilities already learned when the match begins.

I like this ability but i would like it to be an option to show when an enemy is stunned for all enemy heroes and even allies.

Drow ranger needs to function like marci: slow and silence so allies can get the kill

She also needs a skiiing ability. to zip around the battle field