Entry 7

Joseph Qiu Art on Twitter: "Jungle Rangers. #archery #archer #fantasy  #conceptart #rangers #magic #painting #photoshop #digitalpainting #art …  https://t.co/5mbjB4p75S… https://t.co/bwknwqQ3Eo"
Compulsive Research, an art print by Sara Winters | Character portraits,  Fantasy character design, Fantasy inspiration

Well, the idea i have for today is a player perform the role of a researcher during the dota match and train a unit in StarCraft to do research

the researcher in Dota is just meant to make Dota easier on the battling players. Have the researcher by items and distribute them to allies. I came up with this role because some people like buying items more than playing the actual game.

Have the researcher in starcraft make training faster and the researcher will give advice and give ideas on how to win the war.

I have at least two more broodmother idea showing after the international this year. It should be sweet.

The idea behind this concept is that broodmother can cast double webs or deal double damage to an enemy by having her spirit self accompany her,

I would like it if frostbite was called dismember and if the enemy has critical hp that she would hack them apart.

Savage Roar – An ability that comes with his dragon ultimate finally gives him the ability to knockback enemies and causes them to be muted when used.